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Video art at the Loop Fair in Barcelona

Barcelona, 23 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 23 to 25 May 2013, the tenth edition of the Loop Fair will be held at the Catalonia Ramblas Hotel in Barcelona. This fair, exclusively dedicated to video art, allows participants to discover and promote the artists working in this field of art. The programme of the fair is composed of the presentation of a special project called The Pool, carried out by the galleries of the preselected artists, as well as a professional forum for debates called The Loop Studies. Each artist chosen by the selection committee, directed by collector Jean-Conrad Lemaître, has to present a film screening in the rooms of the hotel hosting the event. The most remarkable work will be awarded on the occasion of the Loop Awards. Among the artists chosen, it is possible to mention Bruno Aveillan, represented by the Spree Gallery in Paris, Willi Bucher, an artist from the Wolkonsky Gallery in Munich, as well as the Hollybush Gardens Gallery in London, with Claire Hooper. This year, the Loop Studies will be centred on the question What about collaboration? and will be divided into several panel discussions. Furthermore, two prizes will be awarded, one for the best work chosen by the jury (Catalonia Hotels Award), and the other for the best gallery project (Loop Award). Last year, artists Reichrichter, Anja Kirschner and David Panos, as well as Julien Crépieux, distinguished themselves and were awarded for their...

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Interview with Eok Seon Kim at the Art Paris Art Fair

Paris, 30 March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Born in South Korea, Eok Seon Kim is an exceptional artist who combines both his homeland’s philosophy with Western artistic tradition. He started his fine arts studies while living in Paraguay and later continued his education in Spain where he currently lives and works. His creations seen from the Western point of view at the first sight bring to mind Minimalism, Constructivism and Spatialism but there is much more to discover in these subtile objects filled with emotions. Using simple lines and pure, geometrical forms, he created his own form of artistic expression – Essentialism. During the Art Paris Art Fair, Eon Seok Kim is represented by the Wolkonsky Gallery (Stand E3). How did both traditions, Eastern in which you grew up and Western in which you studied and developed your artistic interests influenced you? When I was a kid my father used to tell me to think before I speak because the water once spilled cannot be put back to the glass. I feel I have always held on to that rule; I always think before I create. And of course I was influenced a lot by Buddhism which teaches you patience. But Latin American culture which is so direct, opened, had an impact on me as well. My fascination with this culture started from a Spanish song, I liked the sound of the language so much that I wanted to know what does it mean, so I decided to learn it. From Latin America I came to Spain and I enjoyed very much Andalusia, especially Moorish architecture, the Alhambra, Islamic art where the direct, figurative expression is prohibited, and so Moorish artists found a way to convey emotions through the arabesque, floral and linear motives. From where come your urge to...

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