Diotima Schuck
5 January 2023

On Thursday 5 January 2023, the board of directors of Frac Bretagne appointed its new president. Madeleine Louarn, stage director, joins the regional contemporary art fund based in Rennes.

Director of the theatre company l’Entresort, Madeleine Louarn began her career as a specialised educator in an Esat, where she created the "Catalyse" workshop. From then on, she put on shows that enabled her company to become professional. In 2021, the it became a national centre for adapted creation, working with people with disabilities.

With this appointment, the Frac Bretagne reasserts its approach on accessibility and inclusiveness. "Disability, by opening up to otherness and the unknown, is also an exciting exploration of the possibilities of life," commented the board of directors.