Diotima Schuck
6 February 2023

The British auction house Bonhams has been put up for sale: this was reported by the American media outlet Bloomberg on 6 February 2023. Estimated at one billion dollars, it selected the financial company J.P. Morgan to accompany the transaction.

Founded in London in 1793, Bohams is one of the leading auction houses in the world. It was acquired by Epiris in 2018, which then expanded the empire to include regional firms such as Bukowskis, Skinner, Rasmussen and most recently, Cornette de Sait Cyr in June 2022. For the time being, Epiris did not wish to comment on the sale, which remains uncertain.

This news comes on the heels of the company’s sales report for 2022. The results were very positive and unprecedented for the company, with a turnover of one billion dollars.