Diotima Schuck
3 February 2023

Very good news for the French capital: in early February 2023, the Paris City Council announced an increase in the budget for culture of eleven million euros, which the institutions will be able to share.

Following the pandemic, the budget was cut by almost 3%, a decision that had greatly affected institutions such as the Philharmonie, the Gaîté-Lyrique and the Centquatre. This was followed by inflation in 2022, and consequent financial difficulties for these structures.

If the arrival of Aurélie Filippetti at the head of the city’s cultural affairs in November 2022 caused concern, it is here at her initiative that such a sum could be released—provided that the elected representatives validate the proposal in March and then in July this year. This increase of almost 10% in the annual sum allocated to culture would give the institutions a break, desperately needed for some.

cultural policy