Diotima Schuck
10 January 2023

The Lebanese association for visual arts Ashkal Alwan has found new premises in Beirut. The most important contemporary art organisation in the city, it has moved after eleven years to the Mar Mikhael district, at the beginning of 2023.

The organisation was founded in 1993 by curator Christine Tohmé and is dedicated to the production, promotion and research of contemporary art practices in the Beirut region. In its thirty years of existence, Ashkal Alwan has developed multiple projects, a forum focused on cultural practices called Home Works, a residency program, platforms for the dissemination of works and an art studies program, the Home Workspace Program, among others.

Ashkal Alwan moved to a lively area of the capital, one of the most popular with locals and tourists alike for its restaurants and bars, but also for its artistic venues. With a large number of galleries, this new location anchors the association at the heart of the city’s cultural effervescence.

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