Diotima Schuck
1st November 2023

Laura Inghirami is a jewellery influencer and the creator of Donna Jewel.

What does “excellence” mean to you in the world of jewellery?

It’s a way of life that leads me to always try to do my best, never cease to learn and work towards innovation, authenticity, beauty, and originality. As an entrepreneur, excellence has become my way of working, continuously seeking perfection.

How do you view the missions of an “opinion leader”?

It’s a responsibility and a vocation. It means believing in and sharing values such as respect, inclusivity, openness, precision, and excellence. My mission is also to engage with the youth, as businesses need them, and particularly specialised artisans. That’s why I also participate in many activities aimed at sponsoring, promoting, and encouraging students and emerging talents.

Can you tell me about current trends in jewellery?

My work allows me to closely follow their evolution. The appeal for vintage jewellery is growing stronger, as it aligns with sustainable development concerns. In contemporary jewellery, the use of ancient techniques or historical motifs is very common, and the value placed on craftsmanship is ever-increasing. Colour has also always been a key element to reflect the zeitgeist; today, blue is in vogue. Lastly, jewellery today is fluid: it’s no longer tied to aesthetic or gender codes, but is gradually becoming the pure expression of the personality of the person wearing it, without any restrictions.