Carine Claude
1st November 2023

It is now a regular at GemGenève. Established in April 2022 in response to the war in Ukraine, the Strong & Precious foundation created by Olga Oleksenko started with a clear premise: “What can we personally do to help Ukraine today?” Her answer was straightforward: through art and jewellery. The primary mission of Strong & Precious is to reveal the origins and age-old traditions of the Ukrainian school of jewellery, to show the world another facet beyond that of war. Operating project by project, the foundation had presented “How Precious UA” at GemGenève last May, linking the ancestral tradition of tapestry with contemporary inspirations. “Our goal was to take visitors on a journey that transcends time, unveiling the deep connections between the past and the present, and illuminating the beauty of Ukrainian culture. Each visitor felt the captivating allure of this exhibition and witnessed the talent of our designers,” Olga Oleksenko said on this occasion. She returns in November with an entirely new project, to bring beauty into a ravaged world.