Diotima Schuck
9 January 2023

From 9 January to 19 February 2023, installations by the artist Subodh Gupta will be visible at Le Bon Marché, Paris. Invited by the Grand Magasin, he notably created a monumental sculpture made of kitchen pots.

Indian visual artist Subodh Gupta is a figure of contemporary art in his country of origin and internationally. Sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance or video: all these mediums are used in his work to highlight an Indian culture also constructed by everyday objects. By elaborating on ready-made pieces, Subodh Gupta tells the story of a daily life and a culture in mutation, between rituals and modernity.

The exhibition, entitled "Sangam", pays homage to French culture by using domestic objects and aims to provoke questions from consumers confronted with the works scattered throughout several spaces in the shop.

Le Bon Marché is no stranger to inviting artists to exhibit for the venue, occasionally transforming itself into a cultural space.