Diotima Schuck
9 January 2023

It is official as of 9 January 2023: Philippe Bélaval has joined the position of cultural advisor at the Élysée Palace, directly appointed by Emmanuel Macron. The post had been vacant since the departure of Rima Abdul Malak as Minister of Culture in May 2022.

A senior civil servant, Philippe Bélaval has been a member of the Council of State since 1979 and president of the Centre des monuments nationaux since 2012. He was director of the Paris Opera from 1990 to 1992, then of the French National Library from 1994 and, in 1998, of the French National Archives. A dense career, consecrated by this new appointment.

Philippe Bélaval will therefore have to monitor the project to move the Cité internationale de la langue française to the Château de Villers-Cotterêts in the Aisne, a €200m government initiative launched in 2017, as well as supervising the restoration of Notre-Dame.

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