Diotima Schuck
1st February 2023

This is the most expensive Bugatti Chiron Profilée model ever bought on the auction market, sold for €9.8m in Paris on 1 February 2023 at RM Sotheby’s, an auction house dedicated to luxury automobiles.

It was estimated at between €4.2 and €5.5m. However, the bids went much higher than expected, between buyers in the auction room and those bidding online or by phone. While the base price of the model is usually around €3.5m, this was the very last new car available, produced in only 500 copies—but only one for the ’profile’ version. Hence the interest of collectors in this model.

A milestone for the company, RM Sotheby’s, born out of the collaboration started in 2015 between RM, owned by Canadian Rob Myers, and Sotheby’s. Its rapid evolution enabled it to total $925m in sales in 2022, notably through the sale of vintage cars. The previous year it raised $22m for a vintage sports Ferrari. Hence an impressive result regarding the Bugatti’s sale, but to which the house is no stranger.