Diotima Schuck
6 January 2023

The year 2022 marks the return of the museums, with an attendance rate of approximately 4.5m visitors for the cultural institutions of the City of Paris. A figure that tends towards pre-pandemic levels.

In first place, the Louvre, with no less than 7.8m visitors and an increase of 170% compared to the previous year. And even though this is still 19% less than in 2019 and its 9.6m visitors, the increase remains extremely positive. This growth was made possible by the return of the foreign public, which enabled the Centre Pompidou to double its attendance compared to 2021 with 3m visits.

If the explosion of the figures can be explained by the reopening of several cultural venues in the capital, it also announces a return to normal three years after the beginning of Covid. Not to mention the absence of the Chinese public, which should soon be able to travel and once again be among the public of the city’s museums in 2023...