Diotima Schuck
6 February 2023
6 February 2023

On February 15, 2023, Funghi Gallery will launch with the NFTs exhibition and sale, entitled “Make me dream” and dedicated to the theme of dreams.

Dedicated to the representation of digital works, Funghi will bring together for its sale five artists working with this medium, between generative art and video art. Marina Núñez, Charlesai.eth, Ivona Tau, Selay Karasu and Elina Crespi have created exclusive works for the exhibition. The event will be held online, on the Spatialio metaverse. A guided tour will be organised in the presence of the artists. The sales will be private on 15 and 16 February, then open to the public from 17 February.

Funghi Gallery was founded in 2021 by Joséphine Louis, who graduated that same year in Art Market Management from the EAC, a private school in Paris. She has also worked on digital exhibitions and NFTs sales.

“In the world of NFTs, we are supposed to operate without intermediaries thanks to the blockchain, but as a buyer, I found myself seeing a lot of everything and nothing on the marketplaces," says Josephine Louis. No one is doing any writing or valuation work. Often, in the NFTs, these are new artists, nobody has written about them yet. On the other hand, not all digital artists have taken the NFTs step. That’s why it’s important for them to be represented by a gallery, because it’s a place that somehow legitimises their work. There is a more valuable curation from a small institution that selects little but well.”

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