Carine Claude
1st November 2023

It’s the emotion of colour that brings together the art of feathers and jewellery. During the round table “Feather and jewelry, the enchantment of color” on 4 November, the speakers will explore the register of colour in the realm of ornithology, in the art of feathers, and discuss its importance in jewellery creation under the aegis of Jean-Bernard Forot, Head of Heritage at Maison Piaget. In the first part, Jaques Cuisin, delegate for conservation at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, will explain the influence and function of bird plumage colour, from seduction to display. Nelly Saunier will share her passion for feathers, her art to enhance them, and how she plays with their hues for her artistic creations. Lastly, Stéphanie Sivrière, Creative Director at Piaget, will unveil how she was inspired by colour to marry feathers with precious stones and create unique and unprecedented pieces of jewellery. A continuous dialogue between nature and culture, creation and artistic interpretation, feathers and gems.