Carine Claude
1st November 2023

Gathering around the table are Laurent Cartier, Pearl Expert from the SSEF laboratory, Violaine Bigot, Heritage Manager of the house of Chaumet, and Kathia Pinckernelle, jewellery historian, this conversation will delve into the rich history of pearls since antiquity. Power, purity, prestige… From ancient civilisations to modern luxury, it will unveil the timeless fascination for pearls, which led humans to harvest, imitate, and cultivate them. For in every culture around the world, pearls have been cherished for their symbolism, beauty, and rarity. This exchange between historians and experts will also cover the techniques and methods used to test and authenticate pearls, shedding light on the art and science of identification. This conversation will be complemented by the roundtable “Pearls: Contemporary Scene and Challenges”, which will address, among other things, the fundamental question of sustainability, and the necessary adaptation of practices and production. For pearls, fragile sentinels of watercourses and oceans, are on the front line of climate changes.