“Young Art Taipei”

Young Art Taipei 2015

Young Art Taipei, the only international hotel art fair to focus solely on artists under the age of 45, will take place from 24-26 April 2015. Organisers have announced that this year’s fair is to be held at the Sheraton Grande Taipei. This year’s fair will mark the seventh edition of YAT, and will feature 94 contemporary galleries hailing from ten countries and territories. Work by over 600 young, emerging artists will be on display. Expanding on last year’s 72 galleries, organisers hope to see the fair join the ranks of Asia’s leading contemporary art events. In addition to the main displays, this year’s event will feature a new section dedicated to photography, entitled “PHOTO EYE”. The show will be curated by noted Taiwanese photographer, Chao-Liang Shen; director and founder of Lianzhou Foto International Photography Festival, Duan Yuting; judge of the Kimura Ihei photography award, Seto Masato; and director and co-founder of Singapore International Photography Festival, Gwen Lee. The section will showcase the work of emerging contemporary photographers from Taiwan, China, Japan, and...

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Mariko Noda merges poetry and death in Osaka

Osaka, 30 October 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Japanese gallery Tezukayama is to present “Hope”, of works by artist  Mariko Noda. The exhibition is to take place in Osaka from 23 November to 21 December 2013. The show is based on two Japanese words, death (死shi) and poem (詩 shi), which sound the same, but which have very different meanings. The artist addresses powerful and decisively focused-upon concepts. In this exhibition, she shares her thoughts on the ideas of wonder, the complexity of the human being, hope, and the human condition. She rejects the representation of death as a sad and painful idea, seeking to create a poetic work based on nature. Noda was born in the district of Sage in 1985, and graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in oil painting. Since then, she has begun her artistic career using a wide variety of mediums. Her work appears pleasant and intelligible, however she expresses some obscure concepts. In 2012, Noda took part in the Hanarart festival with her installation entitled Locked Them in the Glass – the work depicts two girls, representing captured fish, who are prisoners of the colourful and vulgar world which surrounds them. In May 2013, the artist participated in Young Art Taipei, Taiwan’s contemporary art fair, where she exhibited her series of paintings entitled...

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Young Art Taipei 17/19 May 2013

Taiwan, 14 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Contemporary art fair Young Art Taipei will have its fifth edition held from 17 to 19 May 2013 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Created in 2009 after the world financial crisis, this contemporary art fair established itself in Asia by focusing on emerging young artists under 45. Last year, Young Art Taipei gathered 60 galleries from all over the world and managed to sell over 600 works for a total of $1.38m. This year again, 60 international galleries such as Amelie Art Gallery, FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART and Span Art Gallery will come and display the works of contemporary artists. Richard Chang, the director of the fair, hopes to foster the event on an international scale. The fair will be punctuated by three events: the Young Art Award, the Yearly Theme Project and the Art Forum. The Young Art Award enables exhibitors to spotlight the work of one of their artists, an emerging creator with great potential, so his work can be seen by the jury. As for the Yearly Theme Project, it gives to represented artists the opportunity to create a work on one proposed...

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