“wood painting”

Robert Indiana exhibited at Galerie Gmurzynska

Zurich, 14 June 2011, Art Media Agency, (AMA). The Galerie Gmurzynska is hosting an exhibition of early works by Robert Indiana, completed in 1959. The event is scheduled to run until 30 September 2011. The series of plywood works was made with the support of artists from Coenties Slip, such as Ellsworth Kelly and Agnès Martin. It represents the first set of pieces completed by Indiana as a full-fledged artist. In 1959 Indiana used homasote and plywood panels to create an expressive and spiritual form of magnificent gold and silver paintings. The wooden materials were initially destined to be used as beams in his famous assembled sculptures series, that was eventually completed some time afterwards. Robert Indiana considers his paintings to be “pre-word” or related to the way in which he resorts to text to achieve his artworks. Some of his most famous pieces include First american dream, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Zurich, which is part of the artist’s series. This series is a clear indication of Indiana’s talent as a Pop-Art...

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