“Wim Delvoye”

Contemporary art, the cash cow

One hundred milligrams of calcium per portion and only 19% fat…this is The Laughing Cow. Something of a cult- and this year it is Belgian artist Wim Delvoye to design the collector’s edition box. Previewing at the FIAC, at only 5 euros, it’s the most affordable piece of contemporary art at this year’s fair. With four hundred million consumers worldwide, two hundred and forty portions eaten each second, The Laughing Cow is the gold standard amongst amateur cheese lovers; the quirky triangular cheese, imprinted with an image of a jovial, earring-clad cow is eaten by half of all families with children under the age of fifteen. It would seem that there is no shortage of milk on the contemporary art scene. Cheese company Bel Group has taken the bull by the horns and launched their ‘collector’s box’, a limited edition by one of the biggest names on the international art scene. So what’s the concept? An upcoming contemporary artist will create a cardboard box with 24 portions of cheese bearing the unmistakeable little red zipper of the sometimes irritating, but essentially loveable brand. Combine this with a good dose of marketing and a worldwide zeal for spreadable cheese, and you have an industrial commodity where a supermarket mainstay meets the fine arts – a gentle nod to Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. Between Pop art and bovine humour, iconic packaging has been reinstated in the canon of contemporary cool, and The Laughing Cow’s rounds of triangular cheese pieces in salute-worthy packaging is enjoying visible influence on artists. Hans-Peter Feldmann, German artist and passionate image collector, was the first commissioned by Bel Group to create a collectors box. He was followed in consecutive years by Thomas Bayrle, best known for his work with serial repetition techniques, and Jonathan Monk, a...

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Teheran’s Museum of Contemporary Art collection to travel to Berlin then Rome

Cultural officials in Berlin, as revealed by The Art Newspaper, have announced an exhibition of a selection of works from the collection of Teheran’s Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Gemäldegalerie from 4 December to 26 February 2017. As the world’s first city to host this collection, reputed as being one of the richest in Western art, Berlin will be followed up by Rome, scheduled to present the works at the MaXXI. Over 60 major modern works by American and European artists such as Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, will be shown alongside pieces by key Iranian artists from the 20th century like Faramarz Pilaram, Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam and Behjat Sadr. The Teheran museum is taking advantage of this tour to improve its infrastructure and acquire new pieces – something which it hasn’t done in 40 years. Bear in mind that the museum presented, from March to May this year, an exhibition featuring Belgian star artist Wim...

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Wim Delvoye opens an art centre in Iran

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye will be opening an art centre in the city of Kashan, Iran, between Teheran and Isfahan. Known for tattooing live pigs, Wim Delvoye creates iconoclastic works that blend humour with biting criticism of society and institutions. This artist, considered as an heir to Marcel Duchamp, is also following the trail of Damien Hirst or Thomas Schütte by opening up his own art centre. Unlike the latter though, it is in Iran that the artist has decided to set up his own space. The plan is to restore five Iranian residences in the city of Kashan. The centre will have 900 m2 in space, and is intended to be a space for collaborative projects for local and international artists. The decision to settle in Iran comes as no real surprise. Delvoye will be holding a solo show in Teheran Museum in May, curated by Leila Varasteh and Vida Zaim. Delvoye’s choice of location is a delicate issue as far as Belgium: this project concretises the artist’s desire for exile with an opportunity to develop new links and new artistic...

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Wim Delvoye’s gothic universe at Sem-Art

Monaco, 20 June 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Sem-Art Gallery, Monaco, is to feature an exhibition of works by Wim Delvoye, organised in conjunction with the San Cristoforo Association. It is to run from 1 March to 1 September 2013. The Belgian artist gained international renown for his football goal created from stained glass, his giant, gothic lorries and tractors in steel, and ’Cloaca’, a series of ’digestive machines’ which transform food into excrement. He has been based in China since 2004, where he has become interested in the art of pig tattooing – displaying a particular interest in the notion of producing art works which evolve, quite literally, as the animal grows Other works exhibited include Tour Rodin (Scale Model) 2009, Cement Truck (1:6), 2010 and Untitled (Tatoo Series),...

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Gandy Gallery’s 20th anniversary

Bratislava, 17 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 20 September to 1 December 2012, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Gandy Gallery, the Institut Français in Bratislava will display an exhibition recounting the history of the first “private” art spaces from Prague to Bratislava after the communist era. At the same time, the Gandy Gallery will display experimental poetry by the “Famous Unknown”, Slovakian artist Milan Adamciak. Nadine Gandy was born in Limoges (France). After graduating in art history from the ICART and the École du Louvre in Paris, she obtained her diploma with the presentation of her dissertation on Thomas Mann’s works aesthetic. She then became a private consultant and a modern and contemporary art dealer in London and Paris. Her residence at the CAPC in Bordeaux in the 1980s prompted her to become a gallery owner. In 1992, her studies and her keen interest for the “New Europa” emerging after the fall of the Berlin wall enabled her to open her Gandy Gallery in Prague, capital of Czech Republic. She regularly organised exhibitions, publications and participated in international art fairs with artists such as Ben, Nan Goldin, Daniel Buren, Wim Delvoye etc. For most of them, they displayed for the first time on this new territory. At the same period, she displayed artists from Central Europe such as Vaclav Stratil in Paris and New York. In 2005, Nadine Gandy decided to move to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, in order to further develop her cooperation with the artists working in ex-Soviet Union countries such as: Danica Dakic, Roza El-Hassan, Adam Vackar, Pavlina Fichta Cierna, Denisa Lehocka, and Zbynek Baladran. In her gallery, and through the displayed artists, Nadine Gandy questions the themes of the body and its corporality, identity, precariousness, self-determination, migration, and transformation....

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