“Wilkinson Gallery”

The New York Academy to host Martha Erlebacher retrospective

New York, 29 October 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The New York Academy of Art is to present a retrospective dedicated to works by Martha Erlebacher, to be on display in the institution’s Wilkinson Gallery between 5 – 24 November 2013. Originally trained in Abstract Expressionism, Erlebacher broke from this style, rising to prominence in the 60’s to be recognised as one of America’s leading representational figurative and still-life artists. Describing her work as a “painterly” and “aesthetic” examination of “deep metaphorical and social themes of contemporary culture”, the New York Academy hosts the exhibition in order to “pay tribute to Martha’s outstanding leadership and tenure at the Academy”. The exhibition is presented in partnership with the Erlebacher family and Seraphin Gallery,...

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“Fellows” return to college at the New York’s Wilkinson Gallery

New York, 5 September 2013, Art Media Agency, (AMA). An exhibition entitled “Fellows” opened on the 3 September and is to continue until 29 September 2013 at the Wilkinson Gallery, New York Academy of Art. It is to present paintings and sculptures created by former fellows of the academy Jonathan Beer, Aleah Chapin and Nicolas Holiber. The exhibition is to present conceptually-based figurative art, showcasing three of the infinite interpretations of the Academy’s education in practice. Jonathan Beer creates visually complex paintings which combine both cultural and personal references, whilst Aleah Chapin produces lovingly executed portraits of the women from her native town. Finally, works by Nicolas Holiber simultaneously present the notion of creation and destruction, featuring characters who are at once beautiful and repugnant, both exquisitely crafted and...

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