Voodoo at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Gatineau, 2 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 15 November 2012 through 23 February 2013, the Canadian Museum of Civilization offers to discover Haitian voodoo through the exhibition “Vodou” (Voodoo). Presented for the first time in Canada, the exhibition features over 300 objects come from the Marianne Lehmann collection, one of the most important in the world. Acclaimed as the major and most complete exhibition about voodoo art, it will enable the public to “discover the way the adepts of voodoo live and understand their own spiritual tradition”. Far away from the Hollywood clichés, this exhibition is intended to speak truthfully and faithfully for the story and current place of voodoo in everyday Haitian life. The objects on display are additionally accompanied by further information from the adepts of voodoo. Supported by the Haitian embassy to Canada, this exhibition aims at promoting the Haitian cultural work. It was born from a collaboration between the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Foundation for Preservation, Promotion and Production of Haitian cultural works, in partnership with the Geneva Museum of Ethnography and the Tropenmuseum...

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Fondation Cartier Voodoo

Paris, 30 May 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Until 25 September, the Fondation Cartier will be displaying a selection of exceptional voodoo objects from the Anne and Jacques Kerchache Collection. “Voodoo” commemorates the tenth anniversary of Jacques Kerchache’s death by exploring the traditional rites that so fascinated Kerchache.  In the 1960’s, during his first trips to Benin, Kerchache started assembling ritual voodoo objects.  His collection is now one of the major collections of African voodoo sculptures. Organised in collaboration with Anne Kerchache, “Voodoo” includes more than a hundred bocio, or voodoo fetishes, as well as Jacques Kerchache’s notes, letters and photographs about his expeditions, his research and his tribal art exhibition projects for French museums.  Extracts from film archives reveal more about the origin and context of these statuettes made from rope, bone, shells and terracotta. A famous explorer and tribal art expert, Jacques Kerchache emphasized the aesthetic merit of these ritual objects as well as the originality of the artists who created them.  “Voodoo” is the first major exhibition exclusively dedicated to these traditional sculptures from West...

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