“Victor Vasarely”

40th anniversary of the Vasarely Fondation

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Victor Vasarely as well as the 40th birthday of the Fondation Vasarely, an exhibition called “MultipliCité”, devoted to the artist, will be held from 2 June to 2 October 2016. “MultipliCité” is a three-part exhibition presented by the Musée Vouland in Avignon, the Château de Gordes and the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence. The Musée Vouland will be presenting an exhibition called “En mouvement”; the Château de Gorde, “L’Alphabet plastique”; and finally “L’Art pour tous” in the Centre Architectonique that hosts the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence. The exhibition is being organised in partnership with the Fondation Vasarely, the Fondation Vouland, the Musée de Gordes, the Pécs Museum in Hungary (from where the artist originates) and finally the Budapest Museum. Born in 1906, Vasarely produced unique and socially-aware work while living through the 20th century’s events. A major figure in Kinetic Art and Optic (Op) Art, he continually asserted art’s social dimension, following in the trail of the...

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The latest on the Vasarely Affair

Paris’s Court of Appeal has settled a decision, dating back to 1995, concerning the distribution of works between the Fondation Vasarely and the artist’s heirs. The court attributed the majority of the property in question to the Foundation, situated in Aix en Provence, and to Victor Vasarely’s two sons, André and Jean-Pierre (an artist also known as Yvaral). The Foundation pays homage to the work of the Hungarian-born artist, who died in 1997. The aforementioned property included some works that the Vasarely couple, the Foundation’s creators, had previously said to be inseparable from the Foundation. Following a decision taken in 1995, the majority of the works left the Foundation, with the exception of some monumental pieces produced especially for the building. This decision is another event in a series of disputes between Pierre Vasarely, the artist’s grandson, and Michèle Taburno-Vasarely, Jean-Pierre Vasarely’s second wife. Whilst married to Jean-Pierre Vasarely — the President of the Foundation in 1995 — Michèle Taburno-Vasarely is suspected to have profited from her position to organise the inheritance and deprive the museum of its...

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Online auction of Op Art works by Victor Vasarely at Paddle8

Paddle8 is currently presenting an online auction of Op Art works by Victor Vasarely, in partnership with Fondation Vasarely and Sotheby’s, to continue until 27 May 2014,  The auction, which has been live since 3 May, features paintings and prints by Vasarely, created especially for the Foundation. The proceeds from the auction are to go towards the restoration of 44 monumental works as well as some constructional maintenance in the Fondation Vasarely, in Aix-en-Provence. The Foundation is a non-profit institution directed by Pierre Vasarely, Victor Vasarely’s grandson, and celebrates the artist’s legacy, aiming to bring “art for all”. Known as the Father of Op Art, Victor Vasarely was born in Hungary in 1906. During his career he collaborated with celebrated figures including Yves Saint Laurent and David...

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Latest episode in the Vasarely affair takes place in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 12 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Puerto Rican court has made its decision concerning the litigation between Michèle Taburno (Vasarely) and Luis Rojas. The court has ordered Rojas to return the works of Victor Vasarely and Yvaral, which were in his possession. Taburno and Rojas had an alleged ten-year relationship, which Taburno denies. The restitution concerns around 25 works belonging to Victor Vasarely, Taburno’s father-in-law, and 5 works previously belonging to Yvaral, her late husband. Michèle Taburno has lived in the United States since 2004. She brought a significant number of works by the two artists with her from France. As well as the case against Rojas, her ownership rights for some of the pieces is also being contested on the other side of the Atlantic. This other French case is questioning her rights against those of Pierre Vasarhelyi (grandson of Victor Vasarely, and Yvaral’s son). This decision by the Puerto Rican court is the latest development in this long and complicated affair involving the whole Vasarely family, which has been ongoing for more than twenty...

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The Vasarely Affair: latest development

Paris, 31 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The latest decision in the long series of trials concerning the Vasarely affair, between Pierre Vasarely and Michèle Taburno, has just been announced, despite being made by the Paris Tribunal on 31 December 2013. The affair, started by Pierre Vasarely, concerns the division of the estate of Vasarely’s grandparents, Claire and Victor Varsarely, and of his father, Jean-Pierre Vasarely, named Yvaral (and married to Michèle Taburno). The Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) has ruled on the following points: it “dismisses Michèle Taburno’s  plea of inadmissability”, and “said a judicial partnership engaged by Pierre Vasarely is admissible”. It has ordered the judicial sharing of: “the joint estate having existed between the couple Vasarely / Spinner, the inheritance of Claire Spinner and Victor Vasarely, the joint estate having existed between the couple Vasarely / Taburno, the inheritance of Jean-Pierre Vasarely.” Furthermore, the TGI said that “it is dependant on the undivided inheritance of Claire Spinner, Victor Vasarely and Jean-Pierre Vasarely, a number of works by Victor Vasarely and Yvaral”. Said works have, for some time, been the subject of conflict between the two families. Lastly, the tribunal “orders the return of these works to France”. M. Lacan, Pierre Vasarely’s lawyer, contacted by AMA, has specified that if the TGI has not yet made a decision concerning the ownership of the works, it has decided on the matter of claims to them by Michèle Taburno, actions which his client denies. A press release has stated that “Pierre Vasarely celebrates this first decision”. It also claimed: “This judgement is another brick added to the reconstitution of the collections left by Victor Vasarely for the edification of current and future generations.” This decision is the latest in this twenty-year long dispute, which began with the death of...

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