Very healthy results for Vastari

Vastari, a company that acts as an interface between private collectors and museums, has published its latest figures, updated since August 2015. Nine hundred and thirty-one collectors in 57 countries called on the company while 2980 museum heads in 31 pays relied on Vastari, which offers access to over 700,000 works worldwide. This year, 56 objects have been loaned and placed in nine different countries. Vastari looks after all artistic mediums in European, Latin American, tribal and Asian...

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Vastari wins Jury Prize at TheNextWomen Pitch competition

On 22 June 2015, Vastari CEO Bernadine Brocker, won the Jury Prize at TheNextWomen after pitching her business in three minutes. The jury, which was composed of investors and financial professionals, awarded the start-up with a €16,000 prize convertible loan. Hundreds of female entrepreneurs made their way to the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to attend the annual Innovation Summit, which hosts a ceremony awarding the best female-led startup pitch competition, and announces the best 100 Dutch female entrepreneurs. Vastari, founded in 2013, is a company aiming at connecting collectors to museums, thus encouraging exhibition loans. Vastari is currently collaborating with hundreds of curators from various fields who are looking for artworks to include in their upcoming art exhibitions. “At our company we believe that to share art is keeping it alive.” The name of the company alludes to Giogio Vastari (1511-1574), who is considered as the first art historian. The company values all connections, and has created a vast database of object types, including art, design, fossils and...

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New platform for Vastari

Vastari — the online platform connecting collectors to museums for exhibition loans, is to launch a new service called Vastari Travelling Exhibition Network (VTEN) at this month’s ICEE conference in Helsinki. “As we built our relationship with museums, we found out that many times due to budget constraints and a lack of resources, museums are unable to curate their own exhibitions and instead look for ‘ready-made’ exhibitions for their venues,” says Bernadine Brocker, CEO of Vastari. “We quickly came to realise that there was a real need globally for institutions to share their exhibitions with each other in a timely and efficient format.” The platform will also offer a service through which collectors can offer their entire collection to be displayed as an exhibition, rather than on a piece-by-piece basis. “Vastari’s introduction of TEN, which facilitates the exchange of travelling exhibitions, empowers an exponentially higher degree of institutional connectivity than that of any museum attempting to secure or share exhibitions on their own,” says Charles A. Shepard III, Executive Director of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in...

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Latest developments from online art sharing platform Vastari

Vastari is an online enterprise that aims to create a dialogue between collectors and museums in order to facilitate exhibition loans. The company saw almost instant success with their innovative concept, yet in recent months there have been further developments in the exciting future of Vastari. Head of Business, Americas, Angela Roldán gave AMA an overview of their latest news which all began with their acceptance onto the Microsoft Accelerator Programme in January of this year. This programme provides young entrepreneurs and businesses with the necessary advice and support as well as space to work and essential contacts. As a result of their participation, Vastari managed to secure a second round of funding, propelling them towards their latest project: TEN— the travelling exhibition network. Having already established an original platform for exchange between private collectors and museums, TEN aims to open up communication between museums, allowing them to sell and promote current exhibitions to other institutes. “This will be worldwide,” explains Roldán, “for example we aim to connect people in developing countries where maybe there will be beautiful exhibition spaces, but no art to fill it, or inversely, beautiful collections that find themselves with nowhere to show. It is good for the museum in terms of cost.” The company is also working on a way for collectors to offer their collections as an entire exhibition. Vastari’s biggest challenge from day 1 has also been its biggest selling point — that is trying to convince people that there is a way to bring the art world to the 20th Century. Thus far all areas of the Vastari platform have been born out of the specific requirement of their customers, Roldán explains: “we’re trying to make the visibility and exchange of artwork much easier…the whole world is moving forward and the art world...

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Vastari: Connecting private collectors with museums

London, 4 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Launched in January 2013, Vastari has rapidly grown to become an essential interface between museums and collectors, connecting exhibition curators with pieces from private collections. With a strong focus on forging productive international links – whilst maintaining maximum level security – the business is gradually shaping the way contemporary exhibitions come together. Art Media Agency spoke to Angela Roldan and founding member Bernadine Bröcker: What’s Vastari’s history? Bernadine: I was managing a gallery here in London, in Mayfair, and I realised a lot of our collectors were coming up with pieces that were relevant to exhibitions which were on display in London at the time. They’d wonder why their pieces hadn’t been considered, and the truth is, curators simply didn’t know which pieces were in private hands, and whether they would be available. Bernadine: There wasn’t really a resource which allowed collectors to put forward their works, and be open to lending to museums and other exhibitions. I had a history of web design from a post I’d held in New York, and the problem just seemed quite straight forward to solve. I spoke to a couple of collectors to find out whether there was any interest, and those collectors ended up being our first investors. I went in with an idea and came out with a business. That was two years ago. And have you already seen the company grow? Bernadine: Yes, absolutely. We launched what you might call the first minimum viable product in January 2013, and began to see collectors and curators registering then. By March, we had already established our first connections between museums and collectors – something which prompted us to continue our work and keep growing. And we have a fantastic client development team. Angela...

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