Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio appoints new Director of Education and Engagement

Michael Deetsch has been appointed as the Emma Leah Bippus Director of Education and Engagement by the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio, United States. In 2013, Deetsch joined the staff at Toledo Museum of Art as interim director of education. The museum’s Director, Brian Kennedy, chose Deetsch for this new position after having been impressed by his start at the museum. He commented, “As interim director Mike demonstrated solid leadership ability, management skills and able curriculum development and innovation. We did not need to look elsewhere to find a talented professional to take on this important role because we have just such an individual in Mike.” His new role will consist of leading educational and programming initiatives across the museum, as well as taking responsibility for curriculum development and organizing innovative ways of connecting the public with what’s going on at the museum. Having received his master’s degree in Art Education from the Pratt Institute and a bachelor’s degree in History of Art from Hanover College, Deetsch went on to take part in the Getty Leadership Institute’s “Museum Leaders: The Next Generation” in 2011 and to amass experience serving as a senior museum educator at the Brooklyn Museum, an exhibition and programmes director at the Lexington Art League and the student programmes manager at the Kentucky Historical Society. He lives in West Toledo with his wife, Emily, and the couple’s two...

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“Behind the curtains” exhibition in New York

The New York art gallery David Zwirner is to host a new exhibition of the work by the Swedish artist Mamma Andersson entitled “Behind the curtains”, from 8 January to 14 February 2015. Andersson’s work is often inspired by photographs from archives, cinematographic imagery and theatrical set decorations. Her use of pictorial space and a mixture of textures gives the artist’s work a unique flavour. Her new work displays interior decor which seems to have been created for theatre or domestic purposes. Her artwork often has connotations of family life and femininity. The enigmatic nature of the works exhibited reflects the different perspectives of the artist. “Behind the curtains” is her third solo exhibition in this New York gallery. The last two were: “Who is sleeping on my pillow” (2010) and “Room Under the Influence” (2006), an exhibition which introduced the work of  Mamma Andersson to the United States for the first...

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Caroline Older joins the Chicago Artists Coalition

Caroline Older is to take up tenure as the Executive Director of Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) on 8 September 2014. Older is to replace Sara Slawnick who has been filling the role of interim Executive Director since February 2014 and who will now return to her position as Deputy Director. Older joins CAC from her role as Managing Director of Development at Chicago Humanities Festival. Previously, she has held positions as Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She gained a BA in Art History from Williams College in 1992 and a PhD in American Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2006. With twenty years of experience behind her, Older is to bring her expertise to several key areas of development for CAC, comprising: strategic planning; programme direction; fund development; staff management; and community relations. One of Older’s key initiatives is to be the second annual EDITION Chicago art fair, running from 19-21 September 2014, to coincide with EXPO CHICAGO. The Chicago Artists Coalition is a 40-year-old non-profit organisation founded in 1974 by a group of artists. It aims to construct a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and has already played a central role in Chicago’s art scene, offering artists’ residencies, projects and was influential in the formation of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.  ...

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Mark Becker joins Pizzuti Collection

Mark Becker, previously Associate Director at 3Arts in Chicago, has joined Pizzuti Collection as deputy director. The move was announced on the institution’s website on 13 August 2014. In a statement on the website, Rebecca Ibel, director and curator of Pizzuti Collection, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Mark to the Pizzuti Collection, […] His great experience, style and personality will add to the vitality of our small dynamic team. It promises to be a terrific year.” Becker’s move to Pizzuti Collection sees him transfer skills from his role with 3Arts in Chicago, during which time he was responsible for development, special events and fiscal operations. At Pizzuti Collection, Becker’s responsibilities are to focus around the direction of development efforts through: expanding membership base; creating relationships with corporate and foundation-giving communities; and strengthening an individual donor base. Becker’s decision to join Pizzuti Collection comes at an exciting time for the institution: on 5 September 2014 it is to hold the launch party for the 2014-15 exhibition...

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Rising revenue and a perpetuating model: artnet releases results for 2014

Skate’s Market Notes has analysed the results released by the chief executive of artnet.com, Jacob Pabst, for the first half of 2014. The report shows an overwhelmingly positive set of results for artnet, but does raise some questions as to the long-term success of the platform. Overall, the report shows a definite revenue increase of 4% on the same period in 2013, growing to $9.3 million (€6.8 million). Likewise, operating income grew from €31,000 to €162,000, resulting in net profit of €144,000 for the first 6 months of this year. These figures are particularly promising when compared to the same period in 2013, for which artnet reported a loss of €51,000. An outstanding factor from the report — and one which has significantly helped growth so far this year — is artnet’s use of timing to boost revenue: its media segment benefits from time-sensitive news reporting, whilst clever timing in other areas combined with increased marketing spending helped augment sales. Several additional factors have contributed to artnet’s success this time around: restructuring efforts, the current strength of the art market and tight control over operating expenses have all helped boost revenue, as well as an impressive figure of €6.2 million in revenue from media operations, making artnet the largest pure-play art media business currently in operation. Despite a number of positive factors, Skate’s raises some concerns over artnet’s longevity, citing conflicts with its art media partners and a drop in revenue for the Gallery Network. This decline has potentially been caused by a conflict of interest, as artnet now takes consignments from clients for auctions, presenting itself as a competitor to some of the main figures in this category. Likewise, its Auctions platform is the smallest sector for the company with regards to the revenue it generates, a factor which shows no...

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