Chen Zhen’s “Les pas silencieux” in Rome

San Gimignano (Toscana), 7 December 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Galleria Continua is currently displaying the work of Chen Zhen, a principal representative of Chinese avant-garde, until 28 January in San Gimignano. The Italian gallery is hosting this iconic figure of international contemporary art once more, following the historical solo exhibition “Field of Synergy”, held eleven years ago. The retrospective entitled, “Les pas silencieux” allows visitors to have intimate contact with Chen Zhen’s work, prompting reflection on the great relevance of his poems in our age, concerned as it is, with the enrichment of inner life, the quest for harmony between body and spirit, fraternity between different people and cultures, and the promotion of understanding, the resolution of conflicts, the preservation of identity and fruitful engagement between East and West. Chen Zhen studied and taught in post-Maoist China,in the optimistic yet ideological period. As he arrived in France in 1986, he had to face the shock of a different culture and he tried to follow his visionary research keenly interested in participating to a modern world’s creation. He developed his art according to a model of cross-cultural art, a concept that artist names “transexperience” based on three fundamental ideas: Residence, Resonance and Resistance. He worked his works with resistance. The artist experienced these three processes of cultural integration and identity swinging when he arrived in France. The exhibition presents numerous works by the artist, created between 1999 and 2000. The works are not exhibited in chronological order, but seek to recreate a trip that brought Chen Zhen through different cultural horizons: the Chinese culture, the meeting with the Western culture and the venturing experience of the...

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