“Thomas Lélu”

“Pop-up Store by Galerie des Galeries”

Paris, 26 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Until 22 September, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and its Galerie des Galeries is organising a Pop-up Store where three disciplines are put on display: art, fashion, and design. A scene painting by designer Julie Pfligersdorffer opens the dialogue between these three themes and enhances the displayed works for sale. A selection of works by fashion designers, as well as clothing, jewelery, accessories, and books related to art are also available for purchase. Prices range from €30 to €2,000. The following are among Galerie des Galeries’ featured guests: Simone Bendix, designer for Edition Poshette, is showing an exclusive collection of small leather accessories that draw inspiration from both the poetic universe of ancient books and original prints from the time of William Morris, a 19th century writer and textile designer. Bernard Chauveau Éditeur has developed two main activities: publishing illustrated books dedicated to the Fine Arts, design, architecture, and fashion, and producing limited-edition art objects. In the Pop-up store, Bernard Chauveau Éditeur is displaying every limited edition produced in collaboration with Galerie des Galeries and artists Rebecca Bournigault, Thomas Lélu, Claude Levêque, and Anne-Laure Sacriste, along with designs by artists David Dubois and Christian Ghion. Andrea Crews is a creative boutique specialised in atypical events. Since 2002, the artist collective managed by Maroussia Rebecq has been linking the art and fashion worlds. For the Galerie des Galeries event, she is displaying her scarfs, which are limited-edition coloured prints designed by renowned artists. Ligia Dias is the designer of the eponymously-named jewellery brand. Her pieces merge industrial standards with the key elements of jewellery making. Her jewellery exudes a chic and timeless style. The work of designer Constance Guisset is a reflection on visual illusion and surprise. She designs light and animated objects whose...

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End of Thomas Lélu’s exhibition

Paris, 7 Mai 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Nuke Gallery had been displaying Thomas Lélu’s latest series during the exhibition “Be the change you want to see”, which ended on 5 May at 8pm. These posters are made from images the artist took, from adverts for example, and supplemented with messages. These messages are often ironic and sometimes moral. When the visitor sees the poster for the first time, he may believe that the text illustrates the image or vice versa. All is not as first it appears, however. Lélu’s aim is to establish an opposition leading to a reflection. This can take the form of a fashion image associated to a political message. Thomas Lélu was born in Seclin (a commune in the Nord of France) in 1976. He attended a visual communication course at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris before working as a graphic designer. He is also a photographer and novelist. In 2002, he published his first book Manuel de la photo ratée. From 2002 to 2005, he was artistic director for Citizen K magazine. His second book, released in 2004 and entitled Récréations, presented wordplays and other jokes in the form of montages. Some of them became cult artworks, such as LVMHOOQ or warhol@wanadoo.fr. In 2005, he published his first novel, Je m’appelle Jeanne Mass and was a finalist for the Prix de Flore. Other novels came after. In parallel with his novels, he shot in 2007 his first clip for the singer Philippe Katerine and participated in numerous exhibitions: at the Palais de Tokyo, at the Cartier Foundation or at the Musée d’art...

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