“The Third Line gallery”

Sahand Hesamiyan at The Third Line gallery, Dubai

From 19 November 2014 until 24 December 2014, The Third Line Gallery in Dubai is to present “Khhalvat”, the first exhibition of work in the United Arab Emirates by the Iranian artist Sahand Hesamiyan. The eponymous sculpture of the exhibition, Khhalvat, is named after the Persian word for a hidden, private sanctum. In the work Hesamiyan explores the relationship between Iranian architecture and its metaphysical symbolism, presenting ancient concepts in a modern context. The sculptures dissect the traditional forms of Iranian architecture, often presenting it in skeletal form. The Third Line is a Dubai-based art gallery that represents contemporary Middle Eastern artists locally, regionally and internationally, also hosting non-profit, alternative programs to increase interest and dialogue in the region. Sahand Hesamiyan was born in Tehran in 1977 and graduated from Tehran University with a BFA in Sculpture in 2007; he has exhibited in a number of group shows in Iran, UK, USA, Italy, Mexico and Saudi Arabia since...

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Babak Golkar: a exposition solo in Dubai

From 24 September to 8 November 2013, The Third Line gallery in Dubai, has organised the second solo show — entitled “The Return Project” — by the artist Babak Golkar. Babak Golkar is most known for his pieces which mediate the space between cultural and socio-economic registers. His method is compromised of the research of contradictory shapes and materials — with a particular interest in the way that re-contextualisation can produce new meanings. In addition, he explores the potential of how ideas and forms are transformed through different systems and contexts. “The Return Project” is a constellation of work composed of ready-made consumer goods which have been dissected, reconstructed and represented within the commercial conditions of their sale environment. The retrospective includes a variety of mediums including: drawings, prints, ceramics, sculptures and installations. Babak Golkar’s work develops a dialogue based on the human conditions of time and the individual’s compromise and negotiation when faced with the stress of daily...

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The Third Line presents its Summer Show

The Third Line presents its group exhibition entitled “Summer Show”, running until 24 July 2014. The Dubai-based art gallery is showcasing works across a wide variety of media, including: photography, painting, sculpture and installation. With a focus on supporting contemporary Middle Eastern artists, the exhibition brings together a selection of works — some of which have never been seen before in Dubai —, including: Laleh Khorramian’s project from Art Basel 2013; photographs by Sara Naim; and Ala Ebtekar’s lightboxes from Frieze London 2013. Artists taking part in the exhibition include: Arwa Abouon, Ala Ebtekar, Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Golnaz Fathi, Hassan Hajjaj, Huda Lutfi, Laleh Khorramian, Pouran Jinchi, Rana Begum, Rhea Karam, and Sara Naim, amongst...

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Nadia Ayari at The Third Line gallery in Dubai

Dubai, 18 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Third Line is presenting New York artist Nadia Ayari as part of an exhibition entitled “The Fountain and The Fig”. The show is to take place from 18 September until 24 October 2013 in the Project Space part of the gallery. The artist, who is of Tunisian origin, works with heavily painted surfaces, using contrasting colours to illustrate  sensuality and violence. For “The Fountain and The Fig”, she has focused on the conceptual, narrative potential of her work, with the act of painting itself becoming a form of narrative. Near-mythical symbols direct the viewer’s own narrative, whilst thick impasto lends painted works a sculptural quality. The show features 5 paintings, focusing on abstract flora, dreams and the surreal. the violent titles of work, which include Tongue, Splitting, Pouring, Spit and Fountain, , contribute to a macarbre...

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Dismembered bodies to serve feminism by artist Havy Kahraman in Dubai

Dubai, 10 October 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA). The Third Line gallery wishes to depict contemporary Middle Eastern artists on a local, regional and international scale. As well as temporary ewhibitions, the gallery strives to conduct alternative, non-profit programmes in order to encourage discussions and debates about art in the region. The gallery is to devote an exhibition to Iraqi painter Havy Kahraman from 24 October 2012 through 29 November 2013. Born in Bagdad in 1981, she studied in Florence, after which she displayed her work in San Francisco, London (at the V&A), at the Paris Institut du Monde arabe, as well as at the Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki. Her exhibition, title “Extimacy” is an identity quest focusing on the role of women within society, through the means of pictorial art. She questions the complex relationship tying the concept of gender to that of identity, as well as the perception of the self confronted to the pressure for conformism in our current society. Havy Kahraman favours a combination of materials, such as wood and leather, in her depiction of dismembered-bodied women. The masterpiece of the exhibition is undoubtedly a sculpture with no beginning and no end, that aims to deconstruct the binary notions of body and mind, of male and female, of inside and outside – that she thinks are inevitably doomed to the hierarchal domination of one entity on the...

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