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Cancellation of the Vincent Van Gogh Award

The Vincent Van Gogh Award, awarded every two years at the Municipal Museum of The Hague, will not take place this year. It was cancelled following a disagreement between the Danish artist Danh Vō and the collector Bert Kreuk. This dispute dates back to 2013. At this time, Berk Kreuk asked the artist to create a piece for an exhibition at the Municipal Museum of The Hague, among other artworks of its collection. However, the artist’ work was not to the taste of the collector, who found it too small, and asked him for a more impressive piece. The complaint against Danh Vō was finally withdrawn in 2015, but the consequences of this dispute did not stop there. Indeed, three artists (Jutta Koether, David Maljkovic and Nairy Baghramian) have been mobilising to protest against the role of the institution in this case and decided to boycott the award. When the first two have put forward personal reasons, Nairy Baghramian has openly given Danh Vō her support. Faced with this protest, the museum has decided to cancel the Award for this year, stating that “the jury believes that the discussion about the museum has overshadowed the intention of the award” and that “maintaining the Award could compromise the nominated...

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Nairy Baghramian refuses the Van Gogh Award

Iranian artist Nairy Baghramian (who lives and works in Berlin) has decided to refuse the Van Gogh Award, administered by the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague municipal museum) since 2014. Nairy Baghramian explained her decision to Claire Voon (Hyperallergic). Referring to the legal battle in 2015 between Danh Vō and collector Bert Kreuk, she declared: “I have to question the involvement of the museum in the law case between the artist Danh Vō and the collector Bert Kreuk.” And the artist adds: “The museum didn’t assume a neutral stance in the private confrontation between two parties, but rather played an active role in this legal dispute and even stood against the artist who was invited to and exhibited in the museum.” The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag has denied its involvement in this...

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Danh Vo settles legal battle with Dutch collector

The Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo and the Dutch collector Bert Kreuk have cancelled all legal appeals concerning their conflicting views towards a site-specific commission. In September 2014, collector Kreuk filed a lawsuit against Vo, claiming that the artist had previously agreed (in January 2013) to make a new work for an exhibition of his collection at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague later in 2013. The collector planned to acquire the work after the show, but Vo sent an existing sculpture, Fiat Veritas, on loan to the museum. Kreuk proceeded to take out an injunction to prevent the work being returned to the artist. On 24 June 2014, during a court ruling, the injunction was overturned but Vo was ordered to produce a “large and impressive” work for Kreuk’s collection within one year and deliver it to his then gallery, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, by 8 July 2016. The artist faced charges of €10,000 a day (up to €350,000) if he failed to meet the deadlines. Vo appealed the decision, saying that it dishonoured his artistic integrity. Vo has now broken all connections with the Berlin-based dealer and will no longer have to create a collection for...

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“Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring'” exhibition gives a glimpse into Post-Arab Spring condition

Until 26 August 2015, the exhibition “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” will be available for viewing at the Humanity House in The Hague, Netherlands. World Press Photo, the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Humanity House have designed the “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” exhibition. The aim of the exhibit is to show, from the inside, the everyday life of North Africa. The examined themes are varied and include the decline of tourism in Tunisia, African migrants in Algeria and the conditions of single mothers in Morocco among others. All the themes addressed by the photographers and multimedia artists have at least one point in common: they focus on the posterity of the Arab Spring and its consequences, positive or negative, on the population. In addition to the photographs displayed, “Stories of Change—Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’” provides contextual elements: videos are projected, as well as chronological friezes which retrace the strong moments of the Arab Spring with the aim of giving the viewer an exhaustive documentation. The set of photos, accompanied by the context in which they were taken, are available...

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Art Europe, a new auction company

Next Autumn 2015, a new auction company named Art Europe, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, will be launched on the art market. Art Europe will combine in situ, live, and online auctions, and will organise traditional, as well as carefully curated auctions. Holding sales dedicated to contemporary art, Art Europe will also focus on selling modern and ancient art, design, fashion, and wine. The brand new company has announced that it will hold sales in surprising places — still unknown to the public — for established collectors, as well as young art lovers. Still in progress, Art Europe is looking for experienced collaborators to join its...

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