“The Broad”

Achieving the Bilbao Effect: the impact of the museum on a city

Paris, 20 March 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The impact a new museum can have upon its city stretches far beyond creating a new space to showcase an art collection. We seem to be relying on our institutions more than ever, channeling a vast amount of responsibility into them to regenerate neighbourhoods, provide international interest, and inspire a generation of people. Yet at the same time, cultural budgets continue to be cut and governments continue to doubt the significance of a strong cultural scene on the local economy. Are museums always the answer when a city is failing? Are we overstating the extent of their influence – and what is it about an institution in particular that can have such a profound effect on a city’s infrastructure? New museums now can almost be considered to be a work of art themselves. Each new design aims to be bigger, more elaborate and more iconic than the last. Clearly, a new institution reconfigures the space around it, reclaiming what was empty or private space into public space, and instilling new purpose within the urban landscape. Museum directors are now increasingly relying on the raw building becoming a spectacle, the architecture just as much as the art drawing people in. Architects like Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid and Herzog & de Meuron have become household names in the design of institutions, known for creating innovative, eye-catching forms that will both entice the public and complement the works within them. Yet a plan can be pushed too far – it is all too often a delicate balance between creating a grand show of the exterior, flaunting a museum’s collection, and overshadowing the art or overlooking a viewing gallery’s basic requirements. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new Herta & Paul Amir Building, which opened...

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Opening of The Broad pushed back to 2015

Los Angeles, 12 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The opening of Los Angeles’ new contemporary art museum, The Broad, has been postponed. While the museum’s inauguration was initially forecast for the end of 2014, this has now been pushed back to 2015. The Broad Art Foundation is yet to announce a precise date for the opening. The reasons for this delay have been attributed to difficulties in construction. The steel honeycomb structure which houses the building has posed various technical problems. The Broad was conceived by Eli Broad and is being realised by architecture firm Diller Scofidio +...

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2014: a roundup of the year ahead

Paris, 17 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). 2013 proved to be a rich year – very rich. The art world showed no risk of growing stale, with record sales, major exhibitions, ever-expanding fairs, and legal and economic shake-ups from Munich to Detroit. Barely recovered from the events of last year, the art market’s major participants have begun to make promises of an equally spectacular 2014. Whilst the global economy is not at its healthiest, the evolution of cultural projects shows little sign of slowing down: new museums have opened their doors, and have rapidly accrued visitor numbers to match those of their more established competitors. Significant exhibitions have followed, with ever-more-ambitious shows having been met with unfailing public interest. As far as the art market is concerned, the phrase “economic crisis” doesn’t exist. Whilst it’s difficult to predict whether the exceptional sales figures realised by auction houses this year will be replicated – or even surpassed – in 2014, there is every reason to believe that the demand for prestigious lots will remain high. If works of the same quality as last year’s re-emerge on the market, it seems likely that buyers will respond with enthusiasm – and high sums of money. New art fairs have been appearing across the world, tempted by the business potential of art. Despite increasing competition – and despite the vast difference in scope between some newer fairs and heavyweights such as Art Basel, FIAC and Frieze – art market professionals remain tempted by the lure of collectors and amateurs with a desire to buy. We took a look at some of the largest and most anticipated events for the forthcoming year. Whilst many may remain hidden in unwritten press releases, details of some of 2014’s initial openings seem to promise an interesting...

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Free entry to the new museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, 19 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Broad, the new contemporary art museum in Los Angeles has announced, in the wishes of its founders Eli and Edythe Broad, that it plans to offer the opening exhibition, as well as its permanent collection, for free to visitors. Its opening is scheduled for the end of 2014. Eli Broad stated “It has long been our goal to ensure that the contemporary artworks in the Broad collections are seen by the broadest possible public. […] We believe that free general admission to The Broad will help draw visitors to all of the cultural institutions along Grand Avenue.” The building which is to hold the new museum was conceived by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. It offers three floors of exhibition space, as well as a section to accommodate The Broad Art Foundation, an art library dedicated to contemporary art which has loaned more than 800 artworks to 500 museums across the world since its establishment in...

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