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Manuel Rabaté becomes director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi

As reported in The Art Newspaper, Manuel Rabaté, head of the Agence France-Muséums since 2013, has been appointed director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. He also previously worked for the Musée du Quai Branly and the Musée du Louvre in Paris. An Emirati, Hissa Al Dhaheri, who has supervised the Louvre Abu Dhabi project for the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, has been appointed deputy director of the institution. Designed by Jean Nouvel, this one billion-dollar building is set to open on the island of Saadiyat in the United Arab Emirates in one...

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The Soane Museum in London opens after seven years of works

Following seven years of renovations costing £7 million, the Soane Museum in London reopened on 13 September. This museum was once the eccentric home of architect John Soane (1753-1837). According to The Art Newspaper, the renovated sections include the basement “catacombs” holding Roman funerary urns, the “Lobby to the Breakfast Room” with around a hundred artworks and glass-bottomed flooring, and the Foyle exhibition space. The Soane Museum is the smallest British national museum to rely on government funds. It draws 120,000 visitors per...

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Teheran’s Museum of Contemporary Art collection to travel to Berlin then Rome

Cultural officials in Berlin, as revealed by The Art Newspaper, have announced an exhibition of a selection of works from the collection of Teheran’s Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Gemäldegalerie from 4 December to 26 February 2017. As the world’s first city to host this collection, reputed as being one of the richest in Western art, Berlin will be followed up by Rome, scheduled to present the works at the MaXXI. Over 60 major modern works by American and European artists such as Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, will be shown alongside pieces by key Iranian artists from the 20th century like Faramarz Pilaram, Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam and Behjat Sadr. The Teheran museum is taking advantage of this tour to improve its infrastructure and acquire new pieces – something which it hasn’t done in 40 years. Bear in mind that the museum presented, from March to May this year, an exhibition featuring Belgian star artist Wim...

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A 26 metre-long anti-Trump wall in San Diego

US artist Louis Hock has erected a wall in the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum to protest against Donald Trump. The artist who has devoted his career to exploring the distress of Mexican immigrants, has built a 26 metre-long wall in the museum’s lobby gallery. “The project has been in the making for a couple of years, before (Trump) surfaced as a politician, but it goes head to head with everything Donald Trump represents: fear, racism and the hatred of migrants,” the artist declared to The Art...

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David Zwirner sued for non-delivery of a Jeff Koons work

Fabrizio Moretti, an Italian dealer in Renaissance art and the owner of London gallery Blue Art Limited, is suing David Zwirner and his gallery for failing to deliver a work by Jeff Koons, Gazing Ball (Centaur and Lapith Maiden). Moretti purchased the work for $2 million, according to Dan Duray in The Art Newspaper. Moretti initially asked the court to grant him a full reimbursement of the work. However, his lawyers amended his claim on 17 August when Zwirner declared that this was a “case of buyer’s remorse”. The sum demanded by Moretti now comes to $6 million – a rise which the latter accounts for by citing breach in contract, fraud, and violation of the...

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