“Taro Nasu Gallery”

Contemporary art exhibition at Taro Nasu Gallery

Tokyo, 30 May 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Taro Nasu Gallery is hosting two exhibitions of contemporary art until 18 June 2011. The first one, “Such a Luxurious Silence”, focuses on Futo Akiyoshi and the second one, “FUDARAKU-TOKAI the Captain of the Ship” features Koichi Enomoto. Futo Akiyoshi was born in Osaka in 1977. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2001 as well as a master’s degree in 2003 from the School of Fine Arts in Nagoya. He lives and works in Osaka. He hosted his first solo exhibition in 2011 and previously exhibited in Belgium and New York. Akiyoshi is known for his “Room” series, in which he examines –like many other Japanese artists- the difference between three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality. “Room” is a succession of canvasses in which Futo Akiyoshi uses light and perspective to create 3D spaces on 2D surfaces. His art features the transformation of Japanese art, which is traditionally two-dimensional, into an art influenced by Western culture, integrating perspective by going past the frame of the canvas. Koichi Enomoto was born in 1977 in Osaka and graduated in 1997. He is famous for his feminine figures resembling butterflies.  “It is that ‘wave-like’ feeling within my body I have sought to express. Trees already seem to embody their own life-energy waves in their form (physique). The butterfly-girls in my pictures are mirror entities upon which those waves are projected. Provocative, bold and even cruel at times (…),” declared Enamoroto, as reported on...

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