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Parisian gallery Taiss presents heteroclite works at Art Paris Art Fair 2013

Paris, 28 March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Taiss Gallery, located in the heart of Paris, is directed by Gérard Links and Taisiya Savchuck-Polishchuk. On Art Paris Art Fair, Art Media Agency met Gérard Links and Russian artist Katya Kameneva, a member of the “The Fourth Height” collective, at booth E7: Art Media Agency (AMA): Can you please introduce us to the works you present? Gérard Links (GL): We thought about the axe highlighted this year by the organisers of the fair: this year, Russia is the guest of honour. In addition, we wanted to represent artists from all over the world, mainly the most talented artists from the East that we are defending. Among them, there is namely Arsen Savadov, an Ukrainian artist. This artist was born in 1962 in Kiev, Ukraine, and graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Plastic Arts. The artist works both in the fields of photography and painting. His themes of predilection are the decadence of mythological structures and the disintegration of the symbolic order that is prevalent in post-communist societies. We are also presenting the works of Leonid Tishkov, with a series about the moon created in Paris at the Jardin des Tuileries. This Russian artist’s works were exhibited at the Photo Quai Branly 2010 event, and he was the guest of honour of the gallery at the opening of the year of Russia in France in 2010. The works of Dmitry Gutov are also spotlighted. When the Soviet regime fell, the country was left in a totally disorganised state and went through its darkest days. Russian people settled in the woods and people marked their lands with wire fences. He reused this emblematic material of Russian poverty and reinterpreted famous paintings and drawings. He namely did a remake of the works of Rembrandt and...

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Fadia Haddad exhibits at Taiss Gallery

Paris, 5 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 11 October to 5 November, a set of works entitled “Dialogue des masques” will be displayed at Taiss Gallery in Paris. Birds, masks and totems, are some of the elements which characterize the work of Fadia Haddad, a Lebanese painter born in 1959. Masks are an especially recurring subject in her work, which also recall birds and flowers that seem to spring up in her drafts or paintings. The raw character of her work is remarkable and directly revives tribal art. In Haddad’s work there is a rhythmic and structured effect: she uses a thin acrylic brush and imprints a certain harshness to the painting or paper. The gesture of her work is also completed by the effects of the colours she uses – mostly dark – making reference to ash and ground. However, she also likes shades like indigo blue, pomegranate red and leaf green, which also make her compositions intense. The result: a raw, yet delicate work. Haddad meditates before she starts painting, as it allows her to create several paintings simultaneously. As a result, free lines and colours are created, coming from this intuitive...

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