Interview with Mr. Pirker: Specificities and influence of the Swiss art market

Geneva, 24 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). For the better understanding of the Swiss art market, Art Media Agency met the lawyer Mr. Pirker, an important actor in different fields of the Swiss art market. This meeting had for a goal to achieve an overview of the various artistic activities and specificities of this country standing so different in Europe as well as in the world. Can you describe your various activities concerning art and the art market? I am a business lawyer and art historian, I studied at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. The double degree course allowed me to launch my research on lawyers in the field of internet, very trendy at the time. So I followed various start-ups working in the field of art and its market. In addition, I have what I call “law hobbies” that connect my education in law with the art. For example, I am an expert in intellectual and artistic property issue related to contemporary art, design, visual art and architecture. Since 2002 I have participated in auctions as an auctioneer with the Swiss auction house Koller. I started with photograph auctions, then furniture ones and today wine auctions. Finally, three years ago I created a publisher firm for art works with Simon Lamunière, the former curator of the Art Unlimited at Art Basel. What are the specificities of this publishing house and how do you find artists? The firm is not widely known yet (www.interversion.org, ardeis). It was created three years ago with Simon Lamunière; ARDEIS chose to publish fewer art works in order to concentrate on the quality of the final product. Every object has to be exceptional and demands a lot of upstream work, different prototypes and a lot of time. It is all necessary if...

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