“Stefan Brüggemann”

“Misrepresentation, Mistake, and Non-Disclosure” in London

New York, 5 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Opening on 5 July and ending on 25 August 2012, the London exhibition “Misrepresentation, Mistake, and Non-Disclosure” at the Rove Gallery brings together the works by five Mexican artists from the same generation: Stefan Brüggemann, José Davila, Gonzalo Lebrija, Jorge Méndez Blake, and Tercerunquinto. By looking at these works as a set, parallels between their uses of the virtual language are revealed, combining the progressive ideologies with dark subjects such as “emptiness”, “failure” and “dystopia”. One of these parallels is the critic of the existing social and institutional systems. The work Anarchitecture by Tercerunquinto directly addresses the Shenzhen and Hong-Kong urban environments. This work echoes with the deconstruction of the Matta-Clark urban spaces, whose influence spreads to Mendez Blake’ uses of architecture as a main conceptual tool, as well as the idea of the linguistic entropy suggested by his Libraries series depicting literature as a forgotten monument located in far and inaccessible places. Stefan Brüggemann directly interacts with language, using it as a main tool in his experiment with words’ fluidity and the meaning structure. The artist uses sentences full of specific, philosophic, and humoristic ideas to create new meanings. This appropriation form is also obvious in Homage To the Square by Jose Davila who transforms the composition and the title of Josef Albers’ series in a tri-dimensional form. Each artist explores the boundaries between their medium and the existing social systems, being linguistic, institutional or architectural, without forgetting to add a ludic aspect inherent to the...

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