“Sprüth Magers”

Los Angeles resurrected

Los Angeles has recently emerged (once again) as an artistic Eldorado. With an art scene in the midst of reconstruction, a leading institutional network and influential artists, this great rival of New York is determined to dictate a few glorious lines to the history of art. A new district dedicated to art The symbol of this renewal may well be the new Los Angeles district that the art world has been settling into ever since the François Ghebaly Gallery, the Night Gallery and The Mistake Room art centre dared to set up there in 2013 while it was still a no man’s land. In barely more than two years, over twenty galleries have taken over the closed warehouses and factories of Boyle Heights and the Arts District near the Geffen Contemporary site of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). And big names including the gallery Maccarone (New York) and Ibid. Projects (London) were among them. Already, the district has been home to the Night Gallery for a few years now – this cult spot in the city’s underground scene. In March 2016, a collaboration between the gallery Hauser & Wirth and Paul Schimmel (former chief curator of the MOCA) — Hauser Wirth & Schimmel — will be opening in the district. The gallerists are putting on a spread, planning a 9,000 m2 space made up of a gallery, an education lab and a research room. The inaugural exhibition, “Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947 – 2016”, curated by Jenni Sorkin, will be held from 13 March to 4 September 2016. And we haven’t even mentioned a few other conspicuous arrivals away from the Arts District, such as the gallery Sprüth Magers on Wilshire Boulevard (West Hollywood) opposite the LACMA in February 2016 — a logical step for this gallery...

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Craig Kaufman to be represented by Sprüth Magers

The estate of US painter Craig Kauffman (1932-2010) are to be represented by Sprüth Magers (Berlin, London, and shortly, Los Angeles). The work of Kauffman is inspired by his numerous trips to Europe as well as the West Coast atmosphere. Considered as one of the most innovative artists in the post-war period, his work is characterised by the use of transparent or translucent materials. With these, he created an empty and diaphanous aesthetic that expressed a fascination for light and darkness as well as for the sensuality of paint as a material. His works can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate Modern, the Chicago Art Institute, the Los Angeles County Museum, and over twenty large museums worldwide. From June to October 2016, the Centre Pompidou in Paris will be showing works by Kauffman in the “Beat Generation” exhibition curated by Phillipe-Alain...

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The gallery Sprüth Magers presents Ed Ruscha in the exhibition “Metro Mattresses”

The Gallery Sprüth Magers, Berlin, is holding an exhibition of the work of the Berlin artist Ed Ruscha from 3 November 2015 to 16 January 2016, which is entitled “Metro Mattresses”. Ed Ruscha, has carried out pilgrimages for more than 50 years in Western America, stopping at petrol stations, swimming pools or mountain ranges. His photographs, drawings and paintings are characterized by great clarity and an atmosphere of neutrality and impassivity, surrounding daily visions. The reasons for the new series Metro Mattresses, came from the streets of Los Angeles, which was a source of inspiration for the artist. In each of the twelve works of the series is depicted a mattress or mattresses, isolated and in various states of neglect on a neutral background. Ed Ruscha first photographed mattresses systematically before transcribing them on other mediums. This serial and typological work seeks to provide an evocation of the object mattresses, loaded with the symbolic dream but also of the idea of ​​privacy. This approach is reflected in some of the early works of Ruscha, such as Twentysix Gasoline Stations (1963) and Every Building on Sunset Strip (1966). Ed Ruscha, was born in Omaha in 1937, in Nebraska. He lives and works in Los Angeles. His solo exhibitions to come are “Ed Ruscha: MIXMASTER” at the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli in Turin (7 november 2015 to 8 march 2016), and “Ed Ruscha And the Great American West”, at the Young Museum of San Francisco (16 july to 9 october...

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New details on Sprüth Mager’s new LA space

Sprüth Magers, already with two galleries in London and Berlin, is to open a 14,000 square foot space in Los Angeles next spring. Philomene Magers — in conversation with the Financial Times — explained that they chose the American city because of its “cultural and intellectual climate”, saying that like Berlin, “it’s an artist’s city”. The space will be located at 5900 Wiltshire Boulevard, directly opposite the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Sprüth Magers joins the likes of galleries such as Maccarone, Gavlak and Hauser & Wirth, who are also opening spaces there. The gallery hopes to forge connections with more artists from the area, having already worked with natives including Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha and Sterling Ruby. The inaugural exhibition will be dedicated to the Los Angeles-based artist John...

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“Tracings” by Louise Lawler

From 2 July to 23 August, Sprüth Magers is to exhibit “No Drones” by Louise Lawler in their London space. On this occasion, the artist’s tracings — created for an exhibition at Ludwig Museum in 2013 — are presented on vinyl stuck directly on to the wall. Produced in collaboration with artist and children’s book illustrator John Buller, the tracings are black and white line drawings produced directly from photographs. Each edition is available as an adaptable digital file that can be printed into any size. A tracing can only take material form through display, and can be destroyed and remade in a different size, giving the option of multiple different presentations. Louise Lawler, born in 1947 in Bronxville (United States), lives and works in New York. Her work has been displayed at Dia: Beacon (New York, 2005), The Photographers’ Gallery (London, 1997) and MoMA (New York,...

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