“Southeast Asia”

Singapore pavilion entrusted to artist Zai Kuning

Artist Zai Kuning will be representing Singapore under exhibition curator June Yap at the 57th Venice Biennale, to be held from 13 May to 26 November 2017. Their proposal alludes to over 30 years of research by the artist into Malaysian history and culture in Southeast Asia. Born in Singapore in 1964, Zai’s work has been shown in a number of major group exhibitions, including “Who interprets the world?” at the Kanazawa Contemporary Art Museum in Japan, and “Secret Archipelago” (2015) at the Palais de Tokyo in...

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Video projections from Southeast Asia at Art Paris Art Fair

As part of the programme of video projections from Southeast Asia put together by Iola Lenzi, a series of films realised by Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Singaporean artists were screened in the Grand Palais’ Auditorium MK2 on 26 March. As Iola Lenzi has not failed to point out, the region’s artistic practices are often conceptual, whilst simultaneously tackling an important social issue. It is therefore with poetic charm that Srey Bandaul, a Cambodian artist, uncoils infinite strips of fabric throughout the landscape of the Thai refugee camp where he grew up. Nevertheless, he is attached to this place, which he would not describe as beautiful. His filmed performance, Site 2 (2014), sensitively evokes the themes of loss, memory, and migration, which are particularly pertinent to the region. This proposal, which traces the contours of a transregional identity shaped by contemporary history, successfully presents the common issues through The Cloud of Unknowing (2011), realised by Ho Tzu Nyen, an Singapore-born artist. In a contemplative way, he also presents the personal experiences of ancient figures in a space to which they must adapt; each one of them being challenged by their environment and bearing the burden of their physical existence. The emergence of a cloud of smoke, impalpable and transitional, unites them in their confrontation of human limits, which amounts to a revelation, terrible or radiant. This work, inspired by the theories discussed by Hubert Damisch in his Theory of /Cloud/: Toward a History of Painting, is interspersed with references to Western art, by Andrea Mantegna in Caravaggio, thus highlighting the links that implicitly unite the European and Asian continents through...

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Art Stage Singapore to present fourth edition

Singapore, 18 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The 2014 edition of Art Stage Singapore is to take place between 16 and 19 January. The show is to return in 2014 for its fourth edition, with the aim of helping contemporary Asian artists — specifically those from Southeast Asia — to gain significant international exposure. In 2014, Art Stage Singapore is to welcome close to 100 galleries, 80% of which are from the Asian Pacific. The fair is putting forward a new format comprising 8 countries and regional platforms: Southeast Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Central Asia, in a museum-style presentation. The show’s director Lorenzo Rudolf explains that “Art Stage Singapore remains a loyal supporter of the promotion of contemporary art from the region.” The 2013 edition of the show saw an attendance figure of 40,500 visitors across the five day period. 131 galleries participated in this edition, 75% of which were from...

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Media art from south-east Asia

Makati (Philippines), 8 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). To commemorate the 40th anniversary of ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Co-operation in 2013, the Japan Foundation is organising an exhibition of media art, to be exhibited across four southeast Asian countries. The show is the result of a collaboration between a group of young Philippine and Japanese artists. A resulting group exhibition is entitled “Media/Art Kitchen – Reality Distortion Field”, and features film, digital video, annimation, photography, and performance. Media/Art Kitchen – Reality Distortion Field is to run from 8 to 24 November at the Ayala Museum in the city of Makati, Philippines, before travelling to Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and...

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Modern and contemporary art from Southeast Asia at Sotheby’s

Hong Kong, 18 March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). On 6 April 2013, Sotheby’s will organise in Hong Kong a sale of Modern and Contemporary art from Southeast Asia. 165 works will be on offer, representing a total estimate of $5.3m. Among the Modern works on sale: the section devoted to Indonesian art will present an oil on Masonite by Lee Man Fond (1913-1988), titled Bali Life and estimated between $452,000 and $710,000, Tuak Manis, acrylic paint on canvas by Affandi (1907-1990) estimated between $155,000 and $233,000 and an oil on canvas by Hendra Gunawan (1918-1983) Pentual Petai (Petai Seller) estimated between $207,000 and $323,000. the section devoted to Indo-European art will feature Woman in the Garden Preparing Offerings, oil on canvas by Adrien Jean Le Mayeur De Merprès (1880-1958) estimated between $413,000 and $583,000, a painting by Willem Dooijewaard (1892-1980) titled Woman Selling Fruits estimated between $62,000 and $88,000; the Philippines will offer a work by Fernando Zobel (1924-1984), Hattecvm, oil on canvas estimated between $101,000 and $155,000; Singaporean creation will be represented by Twilight by Cheong Soo Pieng, estimated between $58,000 and $87,000; and eventually a section will be devoted to Vietnamese art with Elegant Lady Pouring Tea by Le Pho (1907-2001) estimated between $142,000 and $206,000. The contemporary art section will feature Mr Kapitalis (1999) by I Nyoman Masriadi, a canvas estimated between $161,000 and $238,000 and an oil on canvas by Ronald Ventura, Eye Land (2001) estimated between $96,000 and $122,000. Eventually, a section devoted to young emerging artists will highlight Blares of the opposite (2013) by Jigger Cruz, estimated between $5,000 and $7,000 and Yellow Autumn (2011), by Pham An Hai, estimated between $10,000 and...

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