“Sons de ma vie”

Centre Pompidou fights against AIDS

Paris, 1 December 2011, Art Media Agency, (AMA). The Centre Pompidou, in partnership with the AIDS association promoting the research against AIDS, is taking part in the research but in an artistic way. Irish artist, Bryan McCormack, created the monumental installation Sons de ma vie, currently displayed at the centre until 5 December 2011, for the international day celebrating the fight against AIDS (1 December). The artist covered the sixth floor, including the semicircular walls of the escalator tunnel, with thousands of plastic preservatives in different rainbow-colours in every floor. The iconic motif of the preservative in its redundancy is increased and visitor focuses on the artist’s action. Besides, he faces the work in order to get to the highest floor of the museum. The installation has a puzzling effect with coloured lights and a sound track of a heart beating, referring to the title of the installation, Sons de ma vie (Sounds of my...

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