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Historic collaboration between Louvre and National Gallery

London, 27 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The National Gallery of London and the Musée du Louvre have announced a unique collaboration which will unite two masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci. The Louvre will be loaning the famous painting Virgin of the Rocks to the National Gallery for the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan.” For the first time, the piece will be shown side by side with the other version of the painting, which belongs to the British institution. The exhibition will be running from 9 November 2011 to 5 February 2012. A few months later, from 29 March to 25 June 2012, the Louvre will be hosting “La representation de Sainte-Anne dans la peinture de Léonard de Vinci” (The representation of Saint Anne in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci). The French museum will house The Burlington House Cartoon, a famous preparatory drawing by the Italian artist depicting the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist. The work will be on loan from the National Gallery and will join The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, recently restored and cleaned, at the Louvre. According to Henri Loyrette, the director of the Louvre: “This exceptional collaboration between the National Gallery in London and the Louvre is the means of creating two historical juxtapositions that generations of art historians have longed for. These exhibitions will be a source of profound fascination to visitors.” These unique shows will shed light on the career of one of the most famous artists ever. Two masterpieces can now be seen within their historical context and next to works from the same period. This remarkable partnership could lead to exciting new exhibitions and collaborations between the world’s major...

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