Phoenician shipwreck discovered off the coast of Malta

The oldest shipwreck ever to be found in the Mediterranean has been discovered off the Maltese coast, near to Gozo Island. The Phoenician wreck is thought to be around 2,700 years old and would have sunk during a voyage between Sicily and Malta. Timothy Gambin, researcher at the University of Malta, has said that the 20 grinding stones and 50 amphorae found on the boat dated from around 700 BCE and would have been used to transport food and drinks. Researchers hope to find other objects and have taken 8,000 photographs in order to create a more precise model of the ship. “This discovery is considered to be unique […] because it is the oldest shipwreck in the central Mediterranean and is in a fantastic state of preservation,” Gambin told Times of Malta.  The team, made up of researchers from France, Malta and America, discovered the shipwreck several months ago but kept their find a secret for fear that the site may be looted. The location of the site was only revealed once research had been completed....

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China begins full excavation of the Nanhai shipwreck

Beijing, 9 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Six years after raising the Nanhai ship from the bottom of the sea, China has officially launched a full excavation of the shipwreck to recover its relics and precious objects. Nanhai 1 sunk near Yangjiang in the Chinese province of Guangdong during the Song dynasty, which was in power from 1127 to 1279. It is estimated that the wooden ship was carrying between 60,000 and 80,000 objects on board when it sank. The wreck, which was discovered by chance during a British-Chinese expedition, was brought to the surface in 2007. The newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily has confirmed that its cargo of porcelain and gold objects is “more than enough to stuff a provincial-level museum”. According to a report, more than 6,000 objects have already been recovered. While the exact route of the ship is still unknown, researchers have concluded that it was following the Silk...

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Roman shipwreck found off Albania

Vlorë, 23 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). A Roman shipwreck containing wine jars was found off the coast of Albania by an American-Albanian archaeological mission in August. The wreck, dating back to the first century B.C. was discovered by the team’s submarine. The 300 wine jars were, alas, all empty, since the corks were gone. Its cargo is believed to have been the produce of southern Albanian vineyards en route to western European countries, including France. The 30-metre long wreck was found 50 metres deep near the port city of Vlorë, 140 kilometres south-west of the capital, Tirana. Team members retrieved an amphora for examination, before restoring it to the wreck. The site, whose precise location is being kept secret, will be left unexplored until the Albanian archaeological service is in a position to do so. The month-long mission ended last week and will be resumed next year. It aims to eventually cover the whole Albanian...

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