Warhol in China without Mao

Shanghai, 15 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 29 April to 28 July 2013, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai is hosting a large retrospective on the work of Andy Warhol, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of the American artist. The event titled “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal” features more than 300 of the artist’s works, including paintings, serigraphs, drawings and installations from the museum of Pittsburgh in the United States. It is the largest exhibition devoted to the king of Pop Art ever to be organised in Asia. However, this feature is currently at the heart of a controversy. As several media reported, Mao’s portraits have been taken down and do not appear next to the portraits of Marilyn Monroe at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, although they were part of the works chosen for the exhibition, which was already displayed in Singapore and Hong Kong. This is indeed a new proof of the extent of the censorship still very much carried out in...

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A Ding Yi retrospective at Misheng Art Museum in Shangai

Shanghai, 22 December 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Misheng Art Museum of Shanghai is currently presenting the retrospective “Specific — Abstracted”, dedicated to Ding Yi, one of the pioneers of the Chinese abstract painting. The show is displaying about sixty paintings and drawings by the artist from the 1980s and will remain on display until 29 January. The exhibition focuses on the series “Appearence of Crosses”, which highlights Ding Yi’s almost maniacal attention to detail without examining the different artistic researches of the abstract artist. In mid-1980s, Ding Yi tried to contest every form of narrative art which is faces with corruption of art.  Thus, the artist uses numerous signs and simple geometrical forms in his paintings, which create a particular harmony considering a correlation between humans and the universe. The artist uses various, mainly common materials (canvas, carton, lead mine, oil or pastel painting) and creates extraordinary pieces. He also develops a unique and very particular style mixing minimalism and monumentalism. Ding Yi’s painting spanning the last ten years is marked by the atmosphere of Shanghai and in his abstract paintings unconsciously depict the rapid evolution of the city. Thus, he juxtaposes cross motives which make reference to the urban world, a type of illusion in figurative...

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