“Serge Tiroche”

Interview with Serge Tiroche, co-founder of Art Vantage

Jaffa, 18 October 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA) Serge Tiroche is co-founder of Art Vantage investment fund and director of the Tiroche DeLeon collection. Art Media Agency had the opportunity of meeting him, to get to know more about his activities. Could you introduce yourself as well as your background? I was born in Israel in 1966. I have always been acquainted with the art world: my father began as a carpet and furniture trader, and then he continued with paintings (in the first place they were paintings by artists of the School of Paris, and then Impressionist and Modern artists). In 1949 he opened a fine arts gallery in Israel, and in 1960 he opened two galleries in the United States (in New York and Palm-Beach), it was there he began to invest in Impressionist art. When he returned to Israel, he left my brother in charge of the gallery and established himself as a trader (through auction sales). In parallel, our galleries, under the direction of my brother, became more and more contemporary: we represented Israeli and foreign artists. As for me, I studied art and economy at the American University of Paris from 1989 to 1992. I went through various experiences, in the worlds of art and finance, in various places: to pick up only a few examples, I created, with my brother and brother-in-law, an auction room, Tiroche Auction House, the first auction house in Israel. But on the other hand I got interested in the Israeli stock exchange, and I worked as a private banker in the Citibank in Switzerland for ten years, and then in London, and then again in Israel. I finally left the Citibank in 2008, right before the crisis. I visited many fairs, and I gradually created my personal collection...

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