A gallerist couple and a fake Lee Ufan

According to Le Journal des Arts, three new arrests have been made in Seoul, Korea, in relation to the trafficking of fake Lee Ufan works. The three persons are accused of having produced and sold around forty forged works said to be by Lee Ufan, winner of the Praemium Imperiale in 2001. In June this year, another gallerist was indicted even though Lee Ufan denied that the works were fakes. The forgeries are based on pieces from the “From Point” and “From Line”...

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Must-sees at the 15th KIAF in Seoul

One of the most important international art fairs focusing on the Asian scene has just closed. This year, Taiwan was the guest of honour at the KIAF in Seoul, presenting works frorm eleven galleries. A total of 170 international galleries were invited to the event. The Galleries Association of Korea — the body behind the fair — summoned 130 international art-market personalities to come and discover the different stands. This fair helps strengthen KIAF’s role on the Korean scene, but also raises the international visibility of emerging artists on the Asian scene. In 2016, eight artists stood out: Choi Jeong Hwa, SeYeol Oh, YunKyung Jeong, Kim ByungJong, Haegue Yang, Seongmin Ahn, Yoon Suk One and...

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New space in Seoul for Baudoin Lebon

The Baudoin Lebon gallery is opening a new space in Seoul on 28 May. Called the Space Kaan Gallery, this new space is being set up in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Baik Art, Köln-based Choi & Lager Gallery and Beijing-based Gallery Su. Pending the inauguration of the new space, Baudoin Lebon will be taking part in Art Busan from 20 to 23 May, and will be presenting artists Kim Tschang-Yeul, Oh Se-Yeol, Chae Sung-Pil, Ko Young-Hoon, Shin Sung-Hi, Alain Clément, Michel Duport, Objectal and Vladimir Skoda. Art Busan Fair will also be holding a special exhibition to commemorate the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Korea, with the aim of introducing French creation to the Korean public. There’s no doubt that Baudoin Lebon will be adding a new stone to this intercultural dialogue. The exhibition has been organised in partnership with the Busan Museum of Art where it will be visible until early...

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Laurent Grasso, a vision of power

On the occasion of the opening of the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery in Seoul, Laurent Grasso presents a new exhibition, from 28 April to 28 May 2016, revolving around issues of power and representation. At the heart of its work, the artist unveils Elysée, a remarkable movie shot in the offices of the French President. It was the perfect occasion for Art Media Agency to ask Laurent Grasso about his incursion in the mysterious workings of power and his relationship to Korea. Emmanuel Perrotin chose to start his new gallery in Seoul with your work. What relationship do you have with Korea and Korean collectors? One must know that in Korea, the cultural policy is very active and dynamic. I had the chance to be granted access to exhibitions there very soon, thanks to Manu D. Park, a Korean researcher at Paris’ Beaux Arts who was doing his PhD in France when I was a student. He became artistic director at the Busan Biennale in Korea and I was selected twice to take part in it. After that, Samsung invited me to create a permanent artwork on their facade and the Daejeon Museum of Art contacted me for an exhibition. I was also invited to the NMCA, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, for an exhibition with the artists nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2011. What works do you present in this new exhibition? I decided to show the movie Elysée as it is the last artwork I created, but I also show paintings and sculptures in relation to the Elysée.  The whole exhibition revolves around this issue of aesthetic and power. I also wanted to give more access to my work to the public in Seoul. I show, in particular, the movie Soleil Double, which was never...

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Aernout Mik at Art Sonje Centre

Art Sonje Centre in Seoul, South Korea, is pleased to present the “Aernout Mik: Parallelities” exhibition from 29 August until 29 November, 2015. The REAL DMZ PROJECT will also be launching its fourth edition at this time. The exhibition contains four video installations that explore the cross-cultural boundaries that exist between people, ideologies, and the socio-psychological phenomena that surround them. The Dutch artist explores the different but connected parallel situations such as the real and unreal, past and present, and borders between countries. Ice Cream Hill (2014-15), Mik’s latest creation, will also be on show at the exhibit. The piece was commissioned by the REAL DMZ PROJECT, and is based on Sabseulbong Peak, which is located near the DMZ in Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea. The peak, which is deeply symbolic, is not open to the public, and shows the division between North and South Korea. The film shows conflicting situations, and causes the viewer to ponder if it is possible to understand and define the encounters we experience in everyday life. The REAL DMZ PROJECT 2015 includes artists such as Tatsuo Miyajima, Ingo Niermann, and Magnus Bärtas, alongside 49 other artists and teams that exhibited their work in downtown Dongsong ten days before the current exhibition. Arte Sonje Centre was founded in 1988, and is responsible for exhibiting contemporary art in Seoul. It sponsors a host of exhibitions, projects, screenings, workshops, and educational...

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