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Richard Diebenkorn at Royal Academy of Arts

London’s Royal Academy of Arts is to host an exhibition of American abstract painter Richard Diebenkorn from 14 March until 7 June 2015. The RA will be the first UK institution to honour Diebenkorn with a solo show in more than 20 years. The exhibition will showcase important works from all three stages of the artist’s career, beginning with works from the early 1950s, created during the height of Abstract Expressionism when Diebenkorn had embraced abstraction, and charting his surprising move towards figuration in the mid 1950s, before his return to abstract painting in the late 1960s. Highlights of the show will include Diebenkorn’s famous Ocean Park series, which includes “some of the most beautiful works of art created in America or anywhere else since the Second World War”, according to the Boston Globe. Born in 1922, Diebenkorn was a central figure in the Abstract Expressionist and Bay Area Figurative movements. Amongst the most important American artists of his time, Diebenkorn has works featured in the collections of many major art institutions worldwide, and has been awarded various awards and prizes, including the National Medal of...

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Reubens exhibition at the Royal Academy

The work of Reubens, the artist known as “the prince of painters”, is to be displayed at The Royal Academy in London from 24 January to 10 April, in an exhibition entitled “Rubens and His Legacy”. The talents of the Flemish painter, who was employed to decorate palaces and banqueting halls, appeased the horror vacui of a whole generation of monarchs. However, some people wonder whether “the prince of painters” deserves such a title, saying that although his skills as a decorated are unrivalled, the artist’s energy seems fragile when compared to that of Rembrandt, Vélazquez or Caravaggio. Reubens seems to fear darkness, never reaching the depths of Caravaggio’s terrifying shadows. This fear is perhaps explained by the tragic events in his life, such as his parents’ escape from the wars of religion between the Protestants and Catholics. When examined more carefully, his paintings include numerous illustrations of cruelty and violence. The artist’s work contains tones of psychological darkness, but he also attempts to overcome these through civilisation. His understanding of a balance between good and evil, order and chaos, has been praised and admired as a triumph of...

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Royal Academy’s workshop for the homeless

The Royal Academy’s community art club for the homeless in London is celebrating its first birthday. The monthly workshop is organised by Royal Academy staff  Becky Jelly and Anna Nunhofer, members of the learning department and themselves artists. Each session revolves around a current RA exhibition as a source of inspiration, giving its participants access to the RA’s works as well as a chance to immerse themselves in artistic creation away from the worries of everyday life. The attendees of the club all have precarious living situations and many of them suffer from mental illness and addiction. The club is not intended to be therapy for its members, but instead seeks to install confidence and a sense of community in those who might feel displaced or excluded. The club is a resounding success, with some of its members selling works or even managing to find employment in the art...

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Anselm Kiefer to revisit history with forthcoming RA retrospective

London, 3 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Royal Academy in London is to hold Anselm Kiefer’s first major UK retrospective in the autumn, from 27 September to 14 December 2014. Spanning over forty years of artistic creation, the exhibition is to present works from both public and private collections worldwide. The show is to include drawings, photographs, paintings, watercolours, sculptures and installations, alongside the artist’s books, and is also to see him realise new pieces for the Royal Academy’s Main Galleries and courtyard. History underpins Kiefer’s work, often manifesting itself through the use of clay, ash, earth and dried flowers. The artist’s works become allegorical, profound and complex explorations of Germany’s troubled history. Anselm Kiefer was born in 1945 in Donaueschingen, Germany. He represented Germany at the 39th Venice Biennale in 1980, and has exhibited in many of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Grand Palais (Paris), MoMA (New York), Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), and the Guggenheim Bilbao. He was elected an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1996, and this forthcoming survey is in keeping with the RA’s programme of showcasing its...

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The Royal Academy to get new exhibition space

London, 11 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Royal Academy of Arts is to renovate and extend its Burlington House premises, revealing the new building to the public in 2018. The renovations are to apply both to Burlington House and its gardens, aiming to create an artistic campus. A new exhibition room and 300-seat auditorium are to be created, as well as facilities including a shop and restaurant. The £36 million project is to be financed in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund (£12.7 million) and private donations (£9 million). The remaining funds are to be made up by the Royal Academy’s pioneering economic strategy, which does not depend on public subsidisation. Effectively, the majority of its working capital and investments are secured by private philanthropy, patronage and its own resources. The museum is constantly working to obtain new funds, having already rented out its premises to both Sotheby’s and Pace Gallery. The renovations are to be undertaken by Sir David Chipperfield, the architect currently in charge of the extension to Zurich’s Kunsthaus. He has anticipated the project to be completed in 2018, for the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy, which was founded by King George III in...

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