“Robert Combas”

Results of the Florilèges sale at Cornette de Saint Cyr

Paris, 4 April 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). With a result of more than €10.5m from 14 sales, this third edition of the Florilèges, a biannual event organised from 25 to 29 March 2013 by auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr, was marked by wonderful results. A work on paper by Martin Ramirez, on the cover of the catalogue devoted to art brut, got the highest auction result with €211,621 (€170,000 excluding fees). The global result of this first sale devoted to art brut, €877,307 for 70 works, confirmed the interest of collectors in this speciality, with a world record for Augustin Lesage of €62,917; 99% of the lots of the collection of Sacha Guitry’s personal objects very much stirred bidders, €6,000 for a straw hat, €114,963 for Renoir’s small oil Femme nue couchée circa 1892, and €30,000 for the original manuscript of Françoise; 33 erotic drawings by Cocteau were also on offer, among which were a dark brown ink from 1931 estimated at €2,500/€3,000, reaching a record price of €32,556 (€25,500 excluding fees); €4,485,066 for the 679 works of Kimiyo Foujita’s succession; €162,053, a new world record for Robert Combas. This 1985 canvas represents a portrait of Louis XIV.  During the same session, Martin Barré’s 1956 composition approached €150,000 (€149,661 – €120,000 excluding fees), in line with its high estimation; A record for a space suit of Russian cosmonauts at €112,484. “This event is much appreciated and attracts more people than our sales at Drouot Montaigne. The ‘ephemeral museum’ idea gathering 3 floors of artworks from all specialities, the flexibility of the hours that allows us to have nightly openings and evening sales, as well as the themes of our sales please the public” explained Arnaud Cornette de Saint Cyr after the...

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The Fleury gallery looks towards the East

Paris, 1st April 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Fleury gallery (booth C10) is exhibiting the works of its artists at the Art Paris Art Fair, from 28 March to 1st April 2013. After welcoming visitors with a monumental painting by Richard Combas (650×290cm) on the exterior wall, the gallery presents the corpus of artists from Eastern Europe, which the Parisian gallery decided to present for this edition of Art Paris Art Fair. Thus, the works of Poliakoff, Lanksoy as well as Ossip Zadkine (representing the second top school in Paris) are also exhibited. These works will also be exhibited along with canvases and sculptures by Karel Appel, J.M Atlan, Geer ven Velde, G.Mathieu, Arman, Michèle Chast, Sam Francis, Albert Gleizes, Hans Hartung, Peter Klasen, Fernand Léger and Maurice-Elie Sarthou. The gallery, located at avenue de Matignon, is specialises in the abstract art of the 1950s, and participates in several other events, such as The antiques biennale in Paris, the International Fine Arts & Antique Dealers Show in New York or Brafa in...

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Robert Combas, painter and rocker

Paris, 10 October 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA). Robert Combas, a French contemporary painter, was born on 25 May 1957 in Lyon. He has lives and worked near Paris since 1980. The artist spent his childhood and youth in Sète, in the South of France, in a fervently communist family. From 1975 to 1979, he studied in the Montpellier Academy of Fine Arts. As soon as he first entered the “Beaux-Arts”, Combas brought innovative aesthetics. As he said himself: “I always wanted to do something entirely new, I always needed to be different from the others, I think I am a dandy.” While conceptual art dominates the French artistic production, he went counter-current, and chose to redefine the use of space, colour and figuration. With the basis principle “everything has been done already”, Combas appropriates the great clichés of art, and opens new possibilities in order to return to figuration. In 1977, Combas painted the Batailles (Battles) series, a relevant and still current subject, and went on with his variations on the figure of Mickey Mouse. He then created the “Arabic Pop Art”. This expression, that he himseld invented, name works that look like “underdeveloped countries” advertisements, marked with fake Arabic phrases. His aesthetics were at that time rather tough, and influenced with his young adult’s interests: television, rock, comics, sex,etc. The exhibition “5/5 Figuration libre France/USA”, organised in 1984 by the Paris Museum of Modern Art officially recognizes this movement, comparing it with the generation of New York graffiti artists (Jean-Michel Basquiat, Crash, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf). He is now among the best-selling French artists on the market: his work Le guerrier et le spirituel, for instance, was sold for €64,000 last July. The GZ Gallery in Paris will present, from 11 October to 30 November 2012, works realised...

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“Robert Combas, Greatest Hits” at MAC, Lyon

Lyon, 25 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Lyon’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC Lyon) will host a retrospective of the works of Robert Combas, entitled “Robert Combas, Greatest Hits” French artist Robert Combas (born in 1957) enjoys international recognition. In the 1980s, he became known for his new, figurative style of painting linked to the “Figuration Libre” movement. The committed artist’s work was inspired by society, people and music; put simply, it took inspiration and incorporated elements of immediately recognisable popular culture. Last summer, the museum launched a search for 15 of the painter’s best works in order to organise the retrospective, which is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work on such a grand scale. The exhibition will bring together almost 300 works from both public and private collections in Europe, Asia and the United States. Furthermore, several works belonging to private foundations are to be unveiled to the public for the first time. Moreover, previously unseen works specially created by the artist for the exhibition are to be displayed too. The upper floors of the MAC Lyon will present the retrospective in a chronologically themed layout, with background music chosen by the artist from his personal collection. Towards the end of the exhibition, projections of the artist’s multimedia works , such as his “tableaux musicaux”, will be displayed. Combas plans to set up a functioning studio which is to form part of the exhibition, where he will create works, and also meet prominent members of the art world as well as members of the...

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MAC in Lyon is looking for works by Combas

Lyon, 26 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Musée d’Art Contemporain in Lyon has announced that they are looking for fifteen paintings by Robert Combas in the framework of a retrospective scheduled for next spring. Despite the museum’s numerous contacts within the art world, it has not yet found enough pieces for the upcoming exhibition. Therefore the museum’s administration has launched an online appeal, giving visuals of the pieces desired and enquiring into the possibility that they have been seen exhibited in a gallery, a museum, at auction or even at a collector’s home. The MAC is relying on Internet users to constitute the most comprehensive retrospective possible, with a large number of works by the artist. 200 pieces are expected to be assembled for the exhibition entitled “Greatest Hits”. The painter was born in 1957 and loved to compare painting with rock music. He created free figuration with Hervé Di Rosa. He studied fine arts at the École des Beaux Arts in Montpellier and subsequently decided to found a movement in opposition to conceptual art (which was in vogue at the time) and revived...

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