“right of reply”

Right of reply: Philippe Koutouzis

Partiality raised to the rank of a fine art I discover with surprise that, in its paper version dated from 19 October 2012, as well as in its English version, AMA (Art Media Agency) quoted without verifying them the terms of an influenced article published in the November issue of Beaux-Arts magazine We can only regret that AMA did not deem necessary to check these informations or contact me before their publication. Mrs Sophie Flouquet, signee of the « inquiry » published in Beaux-Arts magazine, takes liberties with the journalistic code of ethics she should follow. Unless Beaux-Arts magazine has become a tabloid. The professionals will judge. In any case, Monsieur Enrico Navarra finds in this article a prejudiced tribune serving his apetite for the market of Asian art and tries relentlessly to discredit its legitimate actors. Bile is his fuel but the courts of justice will alone be the judge of his peremptory allegations. I dare to hope that in the near future the press will, on one hand, point out the manipulation of a sour art dealer without being afraid of his lawsuits for libel and on another hand, underline without throwing mud at them, the importance of three great modern Chinese artists fortunately welcomed by France. Philippe Koutouzis Director of FEAST Projects AMA precises no paper version exists for our...