Revelations 2017, when excellence springs up

Held in a spirit of harmony embracing the design universe, R3, the third edition of Revelations, an international fair for fine craft and creation, will be on at the Grand Palais from 4 to 8 May. And paying homage to Chile’s artisanal production… 2017 marks the year of a biennial that will go down in history for all lovers of fine craftwork and exceptional savoir-faire. A biennial that will gather a large community of protagonists including designers and craftworkers, all of whom share a love for objects and the materials composing them, whether precious or not, innovative or traditional. Above all, Revelations has represented, since 2013, a veil lifted on a breeding ground of talent gathered under the glass dome of the Grand Palais, drawing a plethora of practices in which handiwork reigns supreme, in a stimulating atmosphere of exchange. This is an event with weighty significance and economic fallout for the whole of the profession, supported by artisan-creators, the “guardians” of French and international excellence. Recognition for artistic professions – finally! Set up in 2013 by Serge Nicole, president from 2006 to 2016 of the Ateliers d’Art de France (French professional union representing the craft professions), the Revelations fair has since taken up its quarters at the Grand Palais, an iconic spot for contemporary art… Whose choice may incidentally be a source of amusement for craftworkers given that the art of today has shown relative indifference to them, if not rejected them outright! Whatever the case, the event sets out to be the finest showcase for artistic professions offered to the world. Since its outset, it has defined itself as providing strong support to the sector’s visibility. Indeed, three years ago, the sector seemed to suffer from a lack of definition in the eyes of public authorities in...

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Révélations biennale teams up with D’Days

Révélations, the international biennale for artistic and creative professions, will be holding its third edition from 3 to 8 May 2017 at the Grand Palais in Paris. Révélations is the key economic and cultural event for the French and international sector of artistic professions, presenting over 400 exhibitors to 45,000 visitors. By choosing to make their dates coincide, Révélations and D’Days are teaming up to turn Paris, in May 2017, into the global economic centre of creation in art and design professions. Bear in mind that the design festival D’Days will be held from 2 to 14 May, gathering around one hundred players in the field (publishers, schools, museums, foundations, companies and galleries). According to René-Jacques Mayer, president of the D’Days association, “the relationship between artistic professions and design, and vice versa, is obvious, backed up by French expertise. Making D’Days and Révélations converge promotes joint and complementary expression to serve contemporary creation.” The Republic of Chile will be the country of honour at the next edition of Révélations. Chile will be represented by a manifesto-project in memory of international artist Violeta Parra, celebrating the centenary of her...

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