Young Talents Exhibited at Art Paris Art Fair

The promises section in Art Paris Art Fair 2017 is comprised of twelve young promising galleries from all over the world. Given that Africa is the guest of honor for this year’s edition, lots of African artistic talents are being showcased, putting the spotlight on the continent’s rich artistic production. Cecile Fakhoury Gallery, from Ivory Coast, is showing three African artists that have left Africa — Jems Robert Koko Bi (Ivory Coast), Sadikou Oukpedjo (Togo) and lastly Dalila Dalléas Bouzar who is this year’s winner of the L’art est Vivant 2017 prize. 50 Golborne Gallery (London), is showcasing three emerging African artists; Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Olalekan Jeyifous, and Emo de Medeiros. Both Ogunji and Jeyifous’ works are about their personal relationship with their African heritage, manifested in contrasting ways through their works. Medeiro’s work creates a link between the African culture and Pop culture while being very concerned with the connection of the viewer with the artwork, as well. For gallerist Pascale Revert, “I think these artists are all totally contemporary, even if their backgrounds and languages differ from the spectator’s, they all talk about this moment of post globalization, in their own way, which is totally relevant and relatable for everyone.” Also from London, Tiwani Contemporary features works by Gareth Nyandoro who finds inspiration in the local markets of Harare. The other two artists featured are Virginia Chihota and Délio Jasse. Tyburn Gallery (London) displays Moffat Takadiwa’s wall sculptures made from found objects which relate to hygiene as a critic towards the importing of these goods from other parts of the world, and the spending on these products when there’s not even enough money for food. Also showcased is Mohau Modisakeng’s photos, and the young sensation, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami. Not showcasing African artists, but still worth looking at are the SODA...

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Art Paris Art Fair focusing on discovery

Art Paris Art Fair includes a section termed Promises, which features the work of emerging artists and young galleries. This section is for the promotion of galleries that are less than five years old and have never taken part in the fair. It is a unique chance for viewers to discover emerging artists from various locations.  The selection for 2016 is the following: 50 Golborne (London), ART’LOFT, Lee-Bauwens Gallery (Brussels), Bildhalle (Zurich), Galerie Béa-Ba (Marseille), Rutger Brandt Gallery (Amsterdam), Espace L (Geneva), Galerie Gourvennec Ogor (Marseille), Galerie Valerie Delaunay (Paris), Maëlle Galerie (Paris), Christine Park Gallery (London), Under Construction (Paris) and Yay Gallery (Baku). Yay Gallery representing Azerbaijan, the first time this country has been represented at Art Paris Art Fair, is showing discreet yet poignant works of three artists: Aida Mahmudova, Almagul Menlibayeva, and Reza Hazare. Reza Hazare is an Afghan artist born to a refugee family; he is now living in Azerbaijan, making art that shows his constant requirement toward adaptation. Yay Gallery is presenting six drawings by the artist, which were first shown in his solo show “Anesthesia”; discreet and intimate, they express the artist’s inner immigration. These small drawings show only the barest figure veiled in a sea of germs and bacteria, breaking down the characters to clearly demonstrate loneliness while at the same time breaking down visual artistic vocabulary to its barest bones: pencil to paper. Two booths down from Yay Gallery, 50 Golborne is also showing an artist working on paper. Wura-Natasha Ogunji creates intimate notes on how humanity has the capacity to connect in tender and magical ways, the drawings are delicately sketched and show moments that arise within constant movement. Specializing in the African art scene, 50 Golborne presents these intimate notes by Ogunji, which are inspired by the artist’s daily...

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Art Paris Art Fair “Promises” great things

Paris, 28 March 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). The “Promises” section at Art Paris Art Fair, successfully launched in 2013, brings together 12 different galleries — all under five years old — from Paris, Brussels, Geneva, New York, London, Beijing and St Petersburg. They are all exhibiting for the first time at Art Paris Art Fair and mainly represent young, emerging artists from the international art scene. Themes running across the “Promises” galleries include identity, neo-academism, nature, consumerist culture and dialogue between the East and the West; these are presented through a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and drawing. Among these, Galerie Derouillon, Paris (G11) showcases works of young artists, with a particular focus on consumerist culture — Nils Guadagnin’s Relic presents a hovering plastic bag, a simple yet unmistakable comment upon the disposable society. Artists’ collective Nøne Futbol Club (winners of the salon de Montrouge prize and the Prix Sciences Po pour l’Art Contemporain, both in 2013) are also among artists exhibited. Nøne Futbol Club’s sculpture entitled KEEP WARM BURN OUT THE RICH, in the form of a branding iron, has attracted a particular amount of attention according to gallery Director Benjamin Derouillon who states: “our aim is not only to promote young artists, but to amuse and promote the playful nature of art”. An antithesis to the consumerist focus, the Muriek Guépin Gallery, New York (G17) exhibits a group show of five artists, unknown in Europe, entitled “Nurtured Nature” which raises questions about the relationship between man and nature. Esther Traugot and Keun Young Park are among artists showcased; 2 and 3 dimensional objects (twigs, eggs etc.) represent the fragility of nature, embellished by man-made mediums such as paint, photo transfer and pencil, creating a pertinent dialogue between the man-made and the natural. A gallery representative described the gallery’s first experience of...

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