Data: Hockney or brazen youth

After the Tate in London, and prior to the MoMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris is celebrating the artist’s 80th birthday. Landscapes, portraits and drawings show the incredible vitality of this British painter, the author of a dense, colourful, polymorphous body of work that is more sought after than ever – as figures show. A thin silhouette in front of a monumental work, David Hockney poses before The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire, a 2011 painting that the Briton recently donated to the Centre Pompidou. It’s Tuesday 27 September, and the 80-year-old artist, donning a cap as always, has a green cardigan and a raspberry-coloured tie… The painter has a knack for matching colours. He’s smiling of course. He also makes jokes, it’s almost a habit for him. Hockney, we all know, is good-natured. This donation marks the retrospective that the Beaubourg in Paris is devoting to the artist until 23 October. No less than the most spectacular retrospective, in the painter’s opinion, for visitors can see, the artist confided in July 2017 to Éric Dahan for the magazine Vanity Fair, “one hundred and sixty works including my biggest painting, currently conserved in Australia – Bigger Trees Near Warter ou Peinture sur le motif pour le nouvel âge post-photographique –, as well as small paintings from my youth that I painted in Bradford sixty years ago.” This donation also enriches a French collection that has left little room for the pop artist. But can we reduce, to this adjective alone, the work of this Briton who can be considered the spiritual son born of the Picasso-Matisse union, this master illustrator and genius of colours, this artist who championed hyperrealism at a period when abstract expressionism was the only path to salvation in painting? “Abstraction dominated everything...

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Jean-François Dubreuil wins Aurélie Nemours Prize

At Art Paris Art Fair, Jean-François Dubreuil has been awarded the Aurélie Nemours prize for his great contribution in the field of abstraction. His artworks created a major impact because of their unique concept. These artworks are a “newspaper analysis” where the artist uses different colours to indicate the sections of the newspaper. In his career, his style has remained the same focusing on geometrical abstraction. This living artist still involves himself in creating artworks in a same enthusiasm. He has experimented mostly with gray, black and red colours to highlight the sections in various newspapers including his famous series of The New York Times. Aurélie Nemours, a French abstractionist became famous in her early forties. She started her foundation through which the annual prize for the most deserving artist was planned. This is the seventeenth year of the foundation. This year it is prestigious for a Galerie Lahumiere because the gallery have been representing Dubreuil for the last 35 years and Nemours was part of the same gallery. Gallerist Anne Lahumière gave her insights regarding the same by saying that she is excited to having an artist that she represents winning a prestigious cash prize which will encourage other artists to continue with their works. Jean-François Dubreuil expressed his emotions after receiving this prize. He said, “I am honored to receive this prize. Aurélie Nemours is an artist I knew for a long time and I know her work very well so I am very happy that they selected me as an awardee.” Dubreuil has been working since 1968 in this field and is currently participating in group shows in Paris and Switzerland.  ...

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Dalila Dalléas Bouzar wins L’art est Vivant prize

At Art Paris Art Fair, the prize L’art Est Vivant awards one young artist presented by an emerging gallery in the ‘Promises’ section of the fair — dedicated to promoting twelve young galleries that are under six years of existence. This year, the prize winner is Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, presented by Galerie Cécile Fakhoury. Algerian-born artist Dalila Dalléas Bouzar currently lives and works in Bordeaux, France. Through expression of painting, Bouzar aims to free herself from « the contemporary history of the world which dictates that an African woman artist coming from European ex-colonies must do new media art and talk about topical issues ». Upon receiving the prize, Bouzar expressed her happiness in exhibiting at Art Paris Art Fair; « it’s my first important exhibition in Paris which for me is important because this is where I grew up and discovered art .» Speaking upon the medium of painting and drawing, Bouzar firmly expresses, « for me, it’s very important to be here, when we do paintings and drawings in the art world, I have to battle to assure my work and my materials ». By her side was Cécile Fakhoury, owner of the 5-year-old Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Concentrating on promoting creative and diverse African art, the gallery has already made its mark on several local and international art fairs, representing emerging artists as Vincent Michéa, Yéanzi, and François-Xavier Gbré. This prize is made possible by the group L’Art est Vivant, a group made up of passionate art collectors who support emerging artists from the contemporary art field. According to Denis Fizelier, one of the founder of the group, the prize is meant to « embody a spirit of adventure ». Members of the jury admire young artists who express their views of our contemporary society through their art on unexpected and emotional platforms....

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Charles Fréger, winner of the Prix Art [ ] Collector

The Art [ ] Collector selection committee has picked its winner, a choice coinciding with FIAC 2016. Evelyne and Jacques Deret — collectors and initiators of the project — have chosen French photographer Charles Fréger. Two solo exhibitions will be organised for him in 2017: the first at the Patio Art Opéra, in Paris, the second at the Patinoire Royale/Galerie Valérie Bach, in Brussels. These exhibitions will be accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. Evelyne and Jacques Deret launched this project to reach out to a new public by presenting artworks outside of their usual context, in other words, museums and galleries. Loaned by collectors, works — whether by historic or emerging artists — are shown in private spaces and communicate with one...

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Artadia announces the five Atlanta Award 2016 finalists

On 25 October 2016, Artadia — a non-profit organisation promoting the visual arts — announced the five finalists of the Atlanta Award 2016. Amongst the 188 candidatures received by the body, Kelly Kristin Jones, T. Lang, Jiha Moon, Zipporah Thompson and Cosmo Whyte have been singled out as the finalists. The selection jury was composed of four exhibition curators from major US museums including Jamilah James, curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. The Atlanta Artadia Award 2016 is open to artists living in the city of Atlanta for at least two years in a row, and practising art in any medium. Hernandez Chong Cuy said that the selection process was difficult because many artists presented rich, powerful...

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