Edgar Sarin wins the Bourse Révélations Emerige

As part of its exhibition “Une inconnue d’avance” from 4 to 20 November, curated by Gaël Charbau, the Bourse Révélations Emerige announced its winner on Thursday 3 November. Created in January 2014, the grant is an initiative conducted by the Emerige endowment fund in support of visual artists living in France, as yet unrepresented by any gallery. This unique Bourse — set up by Laurent Dumas — allows the winner to hold a first solo exhibition in an internationally renowned French gallery, and to receive financial support for his or her production of works. The third edition of the competition presented the works of twelve artists including two duos: Johanne Benaïnous and Elsa Parra, as well as Thomas Guillemet and Olivier Alexanian. During a ceremony organised at the Villa Emerige in Paris, Edgar Sarin, born in 1989 in Marseille, was named the new winner of the Bourse, and will be exhibited in 2017 at the Michel Rein gallery in...

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Winners of 2012 HSBC Photography prize named

Paris, 17 February 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The annual Prix HSBC pour la Photographie has been awarded to two photographers: Leonora Hamill and Eric Pillot.  The winners were selected from a pool of a dozen finalists, which had been narrowed down from 500 original candidates of various nationalities.  The only rule for participating in the contest, aside from the technical terms of application, is that the candidate must not have already published a monograph. The Executive Committee chose Spanish art historian and critic, Rafael Doctor Roncero as the Artistic Director for the 2012 prize.  Born in 1966, he has previously held positions as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Castile, director of photography at ARCOMadrid, and curator of several exhibitions, including “Inside 2012” in Santiago de Compostela at the end of 2011.  Roncero was responsible for choosing the finalists and he calls his selection, “12 ways to think about photography through 13 photographers.”  These differing viewpoints included photography as poetry, photography as theatre, photography as healing, etc. The half French, half British photographer Leonora Hamill set her photographs in the middle of art school studios all over the world: worn-down furniture, spots of paint, easels lined-up like skeletons, incongruous objects, bike wheels, ceiling hangings, busts and masks haunting the place.  She studied the human presence in these areas through material presence.  According to Roncero, the series, “Art in Progress” introduced by Hamill, has a strong sociological charge, demonstrating that the artist, far from being an isolated and independent individual, works mostly in groups.  Born in Paris and graduated from Royal College of Art in London, Hamill divides her time between London and Milan. In his series entitled “In situ”, Eric Pillot studies another type of condition: animals imprisoned in zoos for the pleasure of humans.  His photographs highlight...

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