Post-war & Contemporary sale at Artcurial

Artcurial is organising a Post-war & Contemporary sale on 6 and 7 June 2016 in Paris. The sale will focus on artists who have worked in France, with three works by Zao Wou-Ki (one oil on canvas and two watercolours on paper illustrating two aspects of the artist’s work), a still life by Nicolas de Staël called Nature morte au poêlon blanc (1955), a Tabula by Simon Hantaï produced in 1980, and two paintings by Martin Barré. Also on sale will be works by Serge Poliakoff, a painting by Jean Dubuffet, Lieu de coïncidences (1975), and two paintings by Victor Vasarely. As stated by Hugues Sebilleau, head of the Post-war and Contemporary department at Artcurial, “These are rare works of outstanding quality, whether we are looking at Zao Wou-Ki’s two profound and luminous watercolours or the strength and modernity of this exceptional still life by Nicolas de Staël, or these two sublime works by Martin...

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First Pittura Analitica exhibition in Britain

The Mazzoleni Gallery (London, Turin) will be hosting, from 18 May to 23 July 2016, an exhibition titled “Pittura Analitica: 1970s”, the first exhibition to be devoted to one of the most significant Italian artistic movements from the post-war period. Often compared to the French Supports/Surfaces movement as well as Germany’s Radical Painting or American Minimalism, Pittura Analitica emerged in the 1970s to offer a new definition of painting. The exhibition will be presenting works by Carlo Battaglia (1933-2005), Enzo Cacciola (1945), Vincenzo Cecchini (1934), Marco Gastini (1938), Giorgio Griffa (1936), Riccardo Guarneri (1933), Elio Marchegiani (1929), Paolo Masi (1933), Carmengloria Morales (1942), Claudio Olivieri (1934), Pino Pinelli (1938), Claudio Verna (1937) and Gianfranco Zappettini (1939), considered the movement’s founders. Pittura Analitica is an artistic movement that pays interest to painting’s materiality, seeking to extend the medium’s possibilities by delivering an alternative notion of space and creating a new pictorial language. The exhibition will also be presenting the archives of great exhibitions that have marked the history of the movement, namely “Bilder one Bilder” at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn in 1977, and “Abstraction Analytique : Fracture du Monochrome Aujourd’hui en Europe” in 1978 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Curatorship of the exhibition has been entrusted to Alberto Fiz who has declared: “We could call Pittura Analitica a third way in Post-War Italian art. It was a silent revolution realised in the name of painting, which was no longer conceived as a goal but as the repossession of a language… Pittura Analitica allowed painting to overcome a crisis that appeared...

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Christie’s and Sotheby’s Post-War and Contemporary sales fetch total £240 million

More than £240 million was made in sales by Christie’s and Sotheby’s over the past month in their Post-War and Contemporary auctions. ArtNEWS reported, using data from Skate’s, the half of this £240 million was fetched by the work of just three artists; Gerhard Richter, Cy Twombly, and Francis Bacon. The other half was fetched by the work of 60 artists, demonstrating the huge discrepancy between prices. Richter alone created 26% of the total, compared to Twombly’s 13.9% and Bacon’s 10%. Other important artists included: Yves Klein, with 6.8%; Lucio Fontana, with 6.6%; Andy Warhol, with 4.5%; and Jean-Michel Basquiat with 4.4%. The highest selling piece of the period was, naturally, a Richter piece which sold for £30.4 million at...

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Results of Christie’s London Contemporary auction

Christie’s have released the results of their London Post-War and Contemporary auction, which took place on 11 February 2015. The auction house took a total of  £117,142,500 (€ 157,556,663), with 57 lots sold out of the 62 on offer. By number, 92% of lots were sold, and by value 95%. US buyers were not particularly well represented at the sale, accounting for only 20% of buyers. The most lucrative lots were: Cy Twombly (1928-2011), Untitled (New York City), executed in 1970, which sold for £19,682,500; Gerhard Richter (b. 1932), Vierwaldstätter See (Lake Lucerne), painted in 1969, which sold for £15,762,500; Francis Bacon (1909-1992), Study for a Head, painted in 1955, which fetched £10,050,500; another Richter work, Karmin (Carmine), painted in 1994, which fetched £9,602,500; and Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), Three Delegates, painted in 1982, which sold...

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Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary and Italian sales realise £67.9 million total

Christie’s has revealed that their Post-War and Contemporary Art evening sale and The Italian Sale, both held on 18 October, reached a combined total of £67.9 million. The Post-War and Contemporary sale featured works from the Essl Collection, which includes pieces by renowned German post-war artists. The 44 works on offer from the Essl collection made well within the pre-sale estimate of  £40 million to 56.8 million, bringing in £46.9 million. 40 lots found buyers, three went unsold and one was withdrawn prior to the auction; according to Christie’s, the majority of buyers were American or European. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night came when Gerhard Richter‘s Netz, estimated to go for as much as £10 million, failed to find a buyer at auction, instead being sold privately after the auction for £5.5 million to a U.S. collector. The most expensive work in the sale was Peter Doig’s The Heart of Old San Juan (1999), which sold for  £4,562,500. Record prices at auction were established for five artists, including Joe Bradley, Rachel Whiteread, Toby Ziegler and Louis Eisner. The Italian Sale also broke the record to the total for a sale of 20th-century Italian art, fetching £27.5 million. The most expensive work in this sale was Alighiero Boetti’s Colonna (1968), which sold for £2,434,500, setting a world record price for this artist at auction. Francis Outred, International Director and Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art, described the sales as a “landmark October auction series” and a “testament to the power of Frieze week” which showed “the increasing strength of Italian...

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