Fundación Mapfre to host Post-Impressionist exhibition at new venue in Barcelona

Fundación Mapfre, a Madrid-based non-profit cultural institution, renowned for its extensive photograph collection, will open a second site in Barcelona on 10 October 2015, a house built by the renowned Garriga-Nogués family. Its inaugural exhibition, organised by the Musée d’Orsay’s chief curator, Isabelle Cahn, is entitled “Vivir en el color. De Van Gogh a Matisse” and will focus on Post-Impressionist works, and running from 10 October 2015 to 10 January 2016. Pablo Jiménez Burillo, Mapfre’s director general of culture, has spoken of his vision for a programme “with a little more independence” in Barcelona, a creative hub in itself rather than simply a subsidiary gallery to Madrid. This exhibition will be held exclusively in Barcelona and will show 72 masterpieces from Picasso’s Nude Against a Red Background (1906) to self-portraits by Van Gogh and Cézanne. The show will aim to explore the evolution of the use of colour in post-Impressionist works, presenting the development of masters such as Van Gogh from a more muted palette to using bolder, more vivid colour. Barcelona is also the photographic epicentre of Spain, with Carlos Gollonet, Mapfre’s curator, highlighting that it “has one of the most important photography traditions in Spain; in the 1980s and ’90s it was the point of reference for Spanish photographers.” Its inaugural exhibition will be followed by two retrospectives of major figures in contemporary photography, the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto (in February 2016) and American photographer Bruce Davidson (due to open in May...

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Kiss and sell: Rodin leads major Impressionist auction in Texas

Dallas, 2 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). A major Impressionist and Post-Impressionist sale took place on 8 November in Dallas at Heritage Auctions, with many of the pieces having been found in private collections in Texas. The auction took more than $1.9 million in total sales. The major lot was a significant bronze statue, The Kiss, by Auguste Rodin, which had been discovered in a private collection in Amarillo, and which achieved $485,000. The work is considered to be one of Rodin’s most important alongside The Thinker. Two Post-Impressionist pieces by Henri Martin, also coming from a private collection, achieved $149,000 and $118,750 respectively. The auction was the first time the works had been seen on the market since the 1960s. Other paintings to fetch significant prices included ones by Edouard-Léon Cortès, Camille Pissarro and Pierre Eugene Montezin. Brian Roughton, director of American and European Art at Heritage, said of the sale: “It’s thrilling to be able to bring to the market important works from Texas collections. It validates the high level of connoisseurship and world-class sophistication of collectors in this...

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“Toulouse-Lautrec and the Spectacles of Paris” at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati, 12 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA) From 13 October 2012 to 13 January 2013, the Cincinnati Museum of Art will open an exhibition on the French painter titled “Toulouse-Lautrec and the Spectacles of Paris”. Born in one of the most ancient families in France, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was not particularly keen in his illustrious name nor he lived the way the rich families of aristocracy used to. He had a happy childhood till the moment, in 1874, he started to be affected by a delay into the development of bones, illness due to the consanguinity of his parents. He stopped growing and only reached a height of 152 cm. In 1881 he decided to begin his artistic training. Unable to take part in life the way a normally developed body would have allowed, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec lived for his art. He was a post impressionism painter, an Art Nouveau illustrator and a remarkable lithographer. He was considered the “soul of Montmartre” and he used to get inspirations for his paintings by the district he was living in. His works portray the life around the Moulin-Rouge, the cabarets and the theatres. Alcoholic and syphilitic, he died at 37 years old while leaving an amazing corpus of works. He was an incredible observer and deeply sympathetic with other human beings, never showing to have been regretting his deformity. In this exhibition, visitors will have the chance of admiring some of his most famous posters like Aristide Bruant in his cabaret, Jane Avril, Concert, La Goulue (The glutton) and many...

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Paul Gauguin to be exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum

Seattle, 16 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 9 February to 29 April 2012, the Seattle Art Museum, will present the exhibition “Gauguin & Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise”. Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) is one of the most important French artists of the 19th century. As well as belonging to the post-impressionist movement, Gauguin was, first and foremost, a great adventurer. In 1891, he embarked for Polynesia, fleeing western civilisation for the exotic Tahiti. There he painted numerous works, making particular use of bright, bold colours. Following health problems, he left Tahiti for the Marquesas Islands where he died in 1903. Through a selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Gauguin, the exhibition will explore the artist’s relationship with Polynesia. The exhibition will include over 60 works by Gauguin as well as 60 Polynesian...

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“Cézanne and Paris” at Musée de Luxembourg in Paris

Paris, 16 January 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Musée de Luxembourg in Paris is currently presenting the exhibition “Cézanne in Paris”, until 26 February 2012. The French post-impressionist artist Paul Cézanne (1839-1906),  born in Aix en Provence, moved to Paris in 1861 to concentrate on his career as an artist. From 1870 onwards, he regularly returned to the South of France and eventually moved there at the beginning of 1880. He is therefore remembered in Art History as “The Master of Aix”, who towards the end of his life lived as a recluse in Provence. Despite this, during the final fifteen years of his life, the painter would regularly make the trip between Paris and Provence, resulting in a large body of work. Cézanne did, in reality, always maintain close links with Paris and the surrounding area, something which the exhibition aims to display through exhibiting the major themes of his work: urban Parisian views, suburban landscapes and also his still lifes and portraits. In total, more than 80 works are being exhibited, some of which have come from the Musée d’Orsay...

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