Lionel Sabatté, long-term cycles

It’s spring all year round for Lionel Sabatté as he bounces from one exhibition to another, one project to another. Art Media Agency visited him in his studio to learn more about his news, his work, his evolutions. A portrait. Lionel Sabatté started 2017 under the sun of Los Angeles where he’s occupied a studio for the last two years. He went on to the refreshing coolness of his second studio in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, just next to Paris – which still offers a fair share of fine spells. The youthful forty-something originating from Toulouse is currently showing his sculptures in the courtyard of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris while hundreds of his works have been chosen for the “Golem” show at the MAHJ (Paris) and “Vies d’ordures” at the MUCEM (Marseille). On top of this, Galerie C presented a solo show of his work at Drawing Now in March, and – the icing on the cake – he won the prize awarded by the fair. Yet another honour after already winning the awards distributed by the Institut Français in Mauritius, Yishu 8 (Beijing), and the Prix Patio La Maison Rouge last year. This rhythm confirms the brisk pace at which things are moving ahead for Lionel Sabatté. Already in 2010, Éva Hober included him in the “La belle peinture est derrière nous” exhibition, shown at Sanat Limani (Istanbul) before travelling to Ankara, to the Lieu Unique (Nantes) and to Slovenia. But the critical shift to the next gear occurred in 2011 when the artist was shown by Patricia Dorfmann at the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, as part of the FIAC’s “outside-the-walls” itinerary. Here, he presented La Meute in the Galerie de l’Évolution, a series of five wolves made from clumps of dust gathered from...

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Da Vinci portrait seized by Italian authorities

A portrait supposedly by Leonardo da Vinci has been seized by Italian authorities from a Swiss bank after they claimed that it was illegally exported from the country. The painting in question is a portrait of the noblewoman Isabelle d’Este, of 61 x 46.5 cm, and is valued at at least €95 million. A group of specialists attributed the piece to da Vinci, after centuries of the piece having been lost. The panel included Carlo Pedretti, who is regarded as a world expert on the subject. It came to the attention of authorities in summer 2013, when an lawyer was ordered to rule over its private sale. It was briefly un-discoverable, until the following summer, when it was found as part of a police...

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Christie’s sale to feature a George Dyer portrait by Francis Bacon

London, 16 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA) As part of its Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction, Christie’s is to offer a work by Francis Bacon, Portrait of George Dyer Talking (1966). Estimated at £30 million, this painting is one of the most important portraits of George Dyer to appear at auction in more than a decade. First exhibited at the Maeght gallery in 1966, it was shown at Marlborough Fine Art Ltd in 1967, and subsequently in the Francis Bacon retrospective at Paris’s Grand Palais in 1971. Dyer was a prolific political writer and poet. He met Bacon in Soho in 1963 and quickly became his lover, becoming a model and major source of inspiration to the artist. According to biographer John Russell, George Dyer “embodied pent-up energy. As a spirit of mischief, touched at times by melancholia, he had been the subject, and the inspiration of some of Bacon’s greatest images”. He committed suicide in Paris in 1972. Francis Bacon holds the world record for the most expensive work sold at public auction for his triptych Three Studies of Lucian Freud, sold for $127 million, hammer price, at Christie’s in New York in November...

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“Portraits of women” at Galerie DCA

Brussels, 16 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Galerie DCA in Brussels is current presenting “Portraits de femmes” (Portraits of Women), a group exhibition featuring pieces by five artists, to be on display until 19 January 2014. For Galerie DCA (Discover Contemporary Art)’s 6th exhibition, Virginie Guillaume, the gallery’s director, has brought five women artists together from three different cultures. A selection of portraits is on display by artists Céleste Tséden (Belgium), Catherine Ailesse (Belgium) and Sjouke Bierma (Netherlands), along with sculptures by Ina Marcus (Netherlands), and jewellery by Ruta Reifen...

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Portrait of Jane Austen sells for £135,000 at Sotheby’s

London, 11 December 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). On Tuesday, 10 December, Sotheby’s in London sold a watercolour portrait of Jane Austen for £135,000, before fees. The work was initially valued between £150,000 and 200,000. The portrait was commissioned by the author’s nephew, the Victorian curate James Edward Austen Leigh, in 1869, more than 50 years after her death. The artist based the painting on a sketch made by her sister Cassandra while she was still alive. Many consider this portrait to be the most accurate representation of the British author. While Paula Byrne, her biographer, describes it as “Victorian airbrushing”, the novelist Joanna Trollope has said: “This portrait was commissioned half a century after Jane Austen’s death, so it can hardly be claimed as a life likeness.” In 2017, to mark the 200th anniversary of her death, the portrait of Austen is to feature on British...

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